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Re: In response to Paulk » gilbert

Posted by paulk on May 30, 2001, at 21:31:52

In reply to Re: In response to Paulk, posted by gilbert on May 30, 2001, at 11:17:59

>I appreciate your point but my opinion is not just theory...there are vast numbers of studies showing huge discrepcies in the way women get treated and medicated by a mostly male field.

It is true that men get more serious attention – but one of the causes is that men tend to wait until they are in a medical emergency before seeing a doctor. I guess my point is, do you really think men sit around trying to find some way to shortchange women?

> Your point about the drug comapanies wanting to find a sexually effective AD so they could make money......Last time I looked Prozac was the number 3 drug selling in this country with Zoloft not far behind.

True and they would lose their market position in a few weeks if an effective AD without sexual side effects came on the market. BTW over half of the stockholders in pharmaceuticals are women.

I guess I don’t get it – last time I checked – sex is often between 2 – that means that if a drug has a nasty sexual side effect it short changes BOTH a man and a women whoever is taking the drug (yes, I can think of exceptions< grin >)

I just don’t see a conspiracy by men to deprive women of sex by not coming out with better AD drugs.

I know some folks at the University nearby who are involved in Drug research. One of them, I know for a fact, was motivated to go into research because of the loss of his mother to depression. Researchers are not at all happy with the AD effects of the current drugs – most ADs just don’t work that well.

The amazingly complex sexual response is intimately tied into our brain (I remember hearing the brain called the largest sex organ). Any drug that crudely changes the level of neuro transmitter is bound to effect sexual response. It is pretty amazing that the drugs work at all considering that they affect transmitter levels all over the brain (and even body) instead of targeting particular areas.

>If you think there is some giant race by all the differnt pharmaceuticals to invent some sex effect free drug your in for a long wait........

That race is now about 10 years long, and costs over 1,000 million dollars to enter. Why? – Is it because men trying to deprive women???? I don’t think so. It is because of lawyers and politicians. The bureaucrats have no reason to take chances – taking a chance that only risks their federal pension. Drugs that have risks are under used – (I don’t think MAOIs would be approved if submitted today – neither would aspirin.)

We now have a schizophrenic system where herbal medicines don’t have to prove safety or effectiveness, are put up for sale. While the hoops the drug companies have to jump through continue to grow.

It would seem to make a lot more sense to put herbs and pharmaceuticals under the same standards – standards that would be somewhere between those of herbs and drugs. As it stands, the only reform I have heard of is one that would shorten the exclusive rights to a drug – a move that will increase drug costs and slow the introduction of new drugs – but a move that will buy votes.

My hunch is that you are turned of by your psy doc – most of which are pretty screwed up themselves. I have seen more than 20 psy docs in my life of depression; most would not try anything that was not very conservative. This is due to fear of litigation. You probably need to see 4 or 5 to find a competent one with a bit of backbone.

We keep electing lawyers to Washington that see to it that the cost of a drug is at least half consumed by legal fees of their buddies. I would gladly sign an agreement to limit the liability of a drug company if I could have more drugs to choose from - Washington won’t let that happen.




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