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Re: Anybody ever attend the Landmark Forum? Ingrid

Posted by claudeah on August 14, 2000, at 22:47:20

In reply to Re: Anybody ever attend the Landmark Forum?, posted by Ingrid on August 14, 2000, at 7:05:27

Dear Ingrid,

As you have stated that 'people have no right to be posting criticism(sic) of the program who havent' done it', likewise you should not be criticizing those who are mentally ill. You state, also, that you are a "professional and very well adjusted...." Well, I too am a professional, own a condo, pay a car note and guess what-----I am mentally ill!

I attended an introduction to the 'Forum' on my own because I felt I was in a rut. I found them, noone brought me, which actually surprized the Forum people. I was interested in attending the Forum and was even ready to write out a check to attend, when I read the question about mental health. I feel that since that was the only question they asked about health (none about heart disease or any other health problem that can be affected by stress)it was a violation of my privacy and doctor-patient confidentiality. I was appalled. I did discuss it with my therapist and pdoc and they saw no reason why I should not attend. I just felt insulted. It was none of their business if I was ever hospitalized for a mental illness---employers, schools and other organizations aren't allowed to ask those questions. And then THEY decide whether or not you get to attend, sounds like discrimination and in violation of the ADA to me. I told them (the Forum) that I could have lied and answered no to those questions, but then that would have been going against the whole purpose of the Forum---being honest to yourself. I mean, gee, by all accounts and people who meet me and find out I am bipolar---they think I am 'normal' (whatever that is) and would have never guessed I had a mental illness.

Well I felt that I was being honest to myself by not attending becuase of their insulting, and on the verge of illegal, questions concerning mental health. My questions to them were--what about the people who lied on the form, or did not know they were mentally ill? How do YOU KNOW there wasn't someone in your group who was mentally ill? How arragont!

I hope that in the course of your life, Ingrid, you never have to deal with a mental illness or, heaven forbid, be involved with a person who does.

And by the way, what brought you to this site anyway?

> OK look. I just finished the Landmark Forum. People have no right to be posting criticism of the program who haven't done it!! It's not a quick fix AT ALL. It's simply a way of dealing with the life you have and making it rich and whole. No hypnotic suggestions or hand holding.If they didn't ask the questions about mental health then people who are ill would be attending a very personal and emotional seminar and possibly damaging themselves. You go through SO much emotion and sharing, and it would've ruined it for me, frankly if any mentally ill people were sharing and not getting the real benefit. You need to be at least mentally well in order to begin to heal your life from a psychological standpoint. Otheriwse you have no business being there, you should be in therepy. I'm not saying it's not ok to be mentally ill, but LF is not the place to get better. By the way, it changed my life and I would DEFINITLY recommend it if youre in a rut. (I am professional and very well adjusted by the way)I'm not a touchy-feely person, but this changed my life. Don't waste your money on a quick fix, change your life




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