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Indigestion and SOB

Posted by Jennifer on June 3, 2000, at 5:27:22

In reply to Re: Shortness of breath/, posted by Elaine on June 2, 2000, at 19:59:34

Hey guys, where do all these docs come from that don't explain how asthma is affected by reflux?! You can have reflux and have no idea. It doesn't have to come all the way up, or cause a burning sensation. Over 50% of people with reflux have no idea they have it. When there is a reflux of stomach acid into the esophagus - even if you don't know it- the nerve endings in the esophagus become irritated which in turns causes bronchospasm (shrinking of the air tubes). This can be especially worse after eating and at bedtime. Your doc was right to have you try an antacid for can take a few weeks to see the difference. Also with antacids, you need to be sure and take them at least one hour before or after your other meds because they can interfere with absorption.
So, imagine it's late spring (ie:June) and flowers and grass are blooming everywhere. You notice an increase in your asthma. The bronchioles in the base of your lung begin to feel SOB. Then, reflux tells your lungs to shrink down too and not only are the bronchioles at the base of your lungs tight, but the larger airways at the top are tight too. Hmm..sounds like extreme SOB for which your inhaler helps, but does not completely relieve.
What to do...*(1)lose weight if your overweight. The extra weight pushes on the stomach to cause reflux.(2)Eat sitting at the table, slowly, without a ton of conversation to avoid swallowing air that can cause belching and reflux. (3) Take antacids as prescribed by your physician and (4) don't eat/drink anything 1.5 hrs before bedtime so your stomach is empty when you lie down.
Oh, and you can get quite a bit of chest pain from the reflux, that can seem like your heart or lungs. After checking with your doctor to rule those things out...wonderful reflux is most likely your friend!
As far as excersing and getting your heart rate up, you are looking for the "fight or flight" response that is the same your inhaler gives. The bad possiblity is that when you go out to run, you are exposing yourself to even more asthma triggers PLUS you are greatly increasing your bodies oxygen demands - of which you are already in low supply. Best bet is to use your inhaler. A lot of people do not use it correctly. Be sure you don't put it in your mouth so all the med sticks to the inside of your mouth. Hold it an inch or so away, then spray on an inhalation. Also remember to wait a full minute before your second inhalation. The first one opens up the top of your lungs, and then the second spray gets down further, and you feel a lot better. Hope this mismatch of info helps someone! Jennifer

> > I have had shortness of breath periodically for quite some time. My doctor thinks I must have reflux although I never suffer from heartburn. I also have problems swallowing at times. Does anyone know any quick fixes, exercises, or something to help with the shortness of breath? Sometimes I feel as if I did some vigorous exercise and got my heartrate up, it would help me catch my breath. Does this make any sense?




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