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Re: Are Benzodiazepines Like Alcohol?

Posted by Phillip Marx on January 1, 2000, at 17:07:29

In reply to Re: Are Benzodiazepines Like Alcohol?, posted by Scott L. Schofield on January 1, 2000, at 10:30:54

Musings, thanks Scott.

The more I think about it, the more it makes sense.

So. I’m actually presenting as Benzo-drunk.

I’ve never been consciously drunk before, though several have spiked me for contemptuous reasons. I had a girlfriend I almost proposed to who was always trying to get me to share wine with her. I wouldn’t, since she aroused in me a noble, try-to-be-worth-her, aversion to anything disinhibiting. Not marrying her was the worst mistake I ever made for me, the best mistake I ever made for her. Maybe I should have treated it as sage and therapeutic advice instead of relationship-purity-risking advice. Women’s intuition is so unrecognized and under-appreciated. Though she obviously liked me a lot, the harder I tried to make her want to marry me, the unhappier she got. Could “I” have been overdoing it? I had to set her free since true love wants the other’s happiness more than the selfish part of love wants the subject of that love. I am still ashamed of how long it took to take the self-less choice. I was recently amazed (20 years later) to discover how skilled she has become at what ails me most. Regrets compounded factorial. Yet I am happy that she is so much happier than she would have been if she had lived through this, though, if I had taken her advice, maybe I wouldn’t have had to live through this. Temporal paradox! I’m glad God chose what was best for her over what was best for me.

NOW that I know how anti-manic and brain-over-activity function leveling a little wine can be….? Hmmm. Medicine and alcohol are forbidden mixes. Too late now?

Hmmmm benzo-drunk, benzo-drunk.

How to keep the good part and lose the bad part? Or is mere balance of the two the only thing possible?

Suggestions? Anyone?


> > When I drink I feel so happy and uninhibited by anxiety, especially social anxiety. I know this is normal, but is that what benzos like Valium, Klonopin and Xanax make you feel like? If so, then they're the drug for me. How's this analogy, Benzo:Alcohol::SSRI:Marijuana ?
> I just wanted to add one thing to this thread.
> Both alcohol and benzodiazepines are capable of producing behavioral “disinhibition”. Disinhibition is basically the shutting-down of those neural pathways that would otherwise serve to help control one’s emotions and behaviors. I believe it is the inhibition of the inhibition neurons (thus disinhibition) that allows one to feel less inhibited in social situations. This alone may reduce anxiety, as there would be less cognitive dissonance to create it. This reduction in anxiety may be synergistic with the other anti-anxiety properties these drugs may have.
> Disinhibition can be dangerous. It can cause an otherwise docile person to become violent. Perhaps this is the reason some people get loud or truculent when they drink, regardless of what is going on around them. In those infrequent occurrences of benzodiazepine-induced disinhibition, the magnitude of the behavioral effects can be much greater.
> - Scott




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