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Update on me allisonm

Posted by Kath on April 14, 2007, at 18:08:33

In reply to Re: Just thought I'd try to see if anyone answers, posted by allisonm on April 12, 2007, at 8:48:18

Aw Alli - I'm sorry. Life is a challenge (sp? that looks funny!) for me also. As always, mine usually revolves around Jay! (who is 23 now & in December was in Vancouver doing cocaine & crystal meth & got drug-induced psychosis....hearing voices telling him to "off" himself or his family would be harmed. Fortunately he didn't obey the voices...was hospitalized for a month. I think you knew all that; can't remember.

Anyway, he returned Jan 28th on anti-psychotic meds. All the dramatic details are here & there on PB Social.

His GF (of 3 years; almost engaged) returned to BC 3 weeks after they came back to "see friend" & "bring back the rest of our things".

As he feared, she started doing meth again & had him on an emotional roller coaster as to whether she loved him or not (depended on the day).

She finally 'text messaged' him NOT to phone her any more; she loved Anthony!!! (guy who had been staying at their place while Jay was in hospital).

Anyway, he's been devastated since Feb 19th when she went back. The day after 'don't call me' he took his whole month's social assistance out of the bank & used it in 2 days - I suspect mostly on cocaine.

He seems a bit better over the past couple of with the HOPE team (Helping Overcome Psychosis Early) with Canadian Mental Health Assoc. The psych there feels that it's schizophrenia triggered by sh*t.

ANYway, Alli - good luck with the horses. I've heard wonderful things about that type of thing.

Also I have had WONDERFUL results from the technique on the site:
Check it out. If you decide to try it, babblemail me & I'll tell you a shorter, easier method. This is FREE; no manuals to buy, etc.

My daughter Lily & I have been using it with GREAT success!! It's one of the things that have LITERALLY helped to keep my sanity during all the traumatic sh*t that's been happening.

Oh yeah - GF & friends were evicted from their place a few weeks ago. The latest is that she is in JAIL for credit card fraud. Jay had told me that she was involved in that out there & that he was afraid if she went back she'd end up in jail.

SOOOO that's MY soap opera.

I'm so sorry you're having such a crummy time. I do hope the horses help. They're such gentle, wise creatures, I bet they will.

much love, Kath




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