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Tai Chi. Kath

Posted by Shar on February 18, 2006, at 23:03:55

In reply to Re: Good... Tai Chi......Winter Nature Walk....., posted by Kath on February 5, 2006, at 17:39:50

Howdy, there,

We'll be arriving Thursday! Usually, I meet with Allisonm then, soon as you pay for the flight(s)...I'll be at your place!! lololol !!

As for Tai Chi. Here is the one thing that helped me the most and it is weird.

Have you ever stood in a standard-sized doorway (like a door to a bed or bath room), put your arms against each side and pressed as HARD as you could for at LEAST 30 or more seconds? After which, your arms rise like balloons, without effort, when you hold them out in front of you.

Ok. Yes, it was cool then (and I have a BUNCH more stories like that), but when my TC teacher said your arms are like balloons, I just relaxed into it. I think that was the key. Knowing how to float physically. I imagine it can be done all sorts of ways.

I am a certified scuba diver, and I can float underwater, also. 'Tho I do NOT do deep dives!

And, I have dreams where I fly, and can breathe under water.

So, there are lots of ways to float...and I think that too much thinking about it MAY not get you there. Or, maybe it will. Who really knows?

What works for you may not for me, or him, or her, etc.......

I think the important thing is the goal. Let's say you learn the first 5 moves your teacher has. In TC, you can do those over and over, big and small, outside and inside, etc. In Asia, in hospitals, even folks who can only visualize it, or move their arms, do it. And it helps.

I don't mean to preach...although I seem so preachy! I'm just saying that whatever you can do is Enough.

Man...if I could only take my own advice!

The walk sounds heavenly!





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