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this age thing!

Posted by NikkiT2 on May 13, 2004, at 7:09:41

In reply to Re: Preparing... SLS, posted by noa on May 12, 2004, at 20:39:11

OK.. laugh at me all you like.. But I'm having a little 30 crisis *l*

Seriously.. I know its only 30,a nd I *know* 30 is still young these days.. but.. 30 seems, to me, to bring a whole load of responsibility issues with it.. OK, so I mean babies. I want babies, I've been broody for years.. but suddenly, now that this is in the real future I'm totally freaking about it! The fact that this time next year I could well be pregnant.. That I always said I'd have babies at 30 (well, me and hubby said before 30 really, but thats too late now!!).. My mother in law gave me a lecture about how I should have babies before I'm 30 (though as its 6 months away I'm not sure how I can manage that!! But she thought I was a year younger than I am).. How hubby wants two, and both before he is 40 (4 years away)..

And I always said I would give up smokong before my 30th birthday - thats in hand (giving hypnotherapy a bash!).. but.. now I want to rebel against that!!

But.. 30 was always my cut off point - If I wasn't WELL by 30, that was my point. But why is 30 any idfferent to 20??

OK, I'm just rambling (and please, no one tell me I'm just a baby and have years ahead of me.. I *hate* being told that!!)..

Nikki x




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