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Dr Jensen: Revolutionary? (I'm with you Michelle!)

Posted by Zeke (the heathen) on December 27, 1999, at 13:42:59

In reply to Re: RE: Dr Jensen--Phillip Marx, posted by Phillip Marx on December 27, 1999, at 10:15:57

I really have to come to Michelle's defense -- especially the reaction to her comments in the next thread. She has every right to express her opinion!

Dr. Jensen has a has a somewhat unique approach which is somewhat intreguing. But...

I'm troubled that he is basing this largely on just his clinical experiences. In other words 'case studies.' And this is makes me want to side with Michelle. Personal testimonies are the stuff of TV evangelists and snake oil salesmen -- AND NOT SCIENCE. His site is loded with testimonials and assorted puffery mixed with medical jargon. But where's the controlled studies? I tried to find him on PubMed but no dice! If his methods are revolutionary and he truly has insight to better methods, he should subject it to the academic research: the scientific method, controls, blind studies. Else the personal glory of greatness and simple human nature will bias him to see what he wants to see. Hell, what's so different between his site and those of online vitamin store. We see the same testimonials at both. This is OK to supplement but NOT replace objective, controlled, peer reviewed studies!

*** Can any one give me references to scientific work he's published to add credability to his claims? ****

And what makes him an 'expert' relative to other Psychiatrists? (especially an 'international brain chemistry expert' -- is that from appearing on National TV talk shows?)

The point has also been made about his somewhat lofty fees -- they work out to $5/minute! This just rubs me because he also boasts 'reasonable fees.' Reasonable for who?

You're right Michelle, this guy is just spinning it a little too much.

I had seen a similar ADD 'expert' in Pittsburgh. He started me off on Ritalin at 40mg TID. When I complained about euphoria followed by severe anxiety he boosted me to 60mg TID! (He claimed it was just a natural reaction to improved attention of my disordered life!) When I told them I tried taking 30mg 6x/day I got a reprimand and a lecture on pharmacokinetics. When I asked about an antidepressant to help the unbearable anxiety he went off claiming nortriptyline is like opium! I had to find another doc to work with but I am reminded of him because his presentation style was so similar to Jensen's: he also wrote a book, did media presentations, operated a chain of clinics, used case studies and puffed about his graduating med school with honors. Big deal! I've since learned he's landed several (or more?) folks in the hospital from his revolutionary medication protocols! (Yet at the same time the local medical establishment was very conservative towards ADD and I'd failed on the micro doses given me elsewhere.)

I hate to rain on Jensen's parade but then if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. But then if TV evangalists can miracuously cure hopeless cases, maybe Doc Jensen isn't that extreme. But fellow believers, the modus operandi is certainly familiar.

--- assorted thoughts of Zeke the snake, who eats apples and doesn't live in Eden...




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