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Re: RE: Dr Jensen--Michele

Posted by Phillip Marx on December 26, 1999, at 19:54:13

In reply to Re: RE: Dr Jensen--Michele, posted by Phil on December 26, 1999, at 17:31:51

Hmm, three, xx four to respond to, combined answers will consolidate more efficiently for me, I’m not going to be rude to all by being rude to any. Darn, I thought I was terse, those short questions sure need long answers.

RE: Dr. Martin T. Jensen --

These are my lay answers to your questions, not M.D. answers, up front disclaimer from me! These are just my semi-educated, very gratefully biased opinions, legally. Do your own due diligence and I will read all corrections as judiciously as I think reasonable. I have spent many hours at a local hospital reading all relevant books and the more current medical journals all the times it was my turn to be there for my mom. That means a lot of time. A lot of those earlier times I was on much less efficient medicine and thus should probably go back and "clear" up my initial understandings of stuff even more over my head at the beginning. Many times while waiting for meds to work I explore the internet for relevant issues as well, and also sometimes when I wake up before the rest of the world does I do even more research. I am working on a discourse relevant to Y2.1k (y2099) from which I am trying to plagiarize a lot of momentum and structure from the Y2K movement before the web sites disappear in a week, and since I think that is the world’s biggest problem, I haven’t been as diligent researching this stuff as I was when I was still crippled by it.

First: re: cost. I was a totally debt-free half-millionaire still in the early stages (house paid off totally free and clear, huge stock bonus plans, cars paid-off, no credit card balances and many stupid self-indulgent assets of the type that are naturally extremely obsolete and depreciated in value by now due to my computer hardware technology chasing and pre-empting. Half that is gone now. I was stuck in bed and couldn't shuffle the stocks and lost $234,000+ in just three months because the plan only reported quarterly and I didn't know (and wasn't really able to care much at the time) that I should have done some shuffling. I've lost 5 years of income which would have been much more than another $250,000, but I’ll use it to round the numbers. My actual living costs are probably less than $500 per month now since everything is paid off, thus I can easily afford to school for less-stressful semi-retirement compatible income without having to liquidate everything. But look, that's over half a million dollars. Seeing him first would have saved me half a million dollars, MINIMUM. Compare that to not using so-called “free” insurance, which was my most expensive mistake (fiscally). Their only value was to pre-prove to Dr. Jensen which medicines did NOT work in accordance with the statistical norms that the HMOs are trapped into in order to keep costs for the majority and shareholders low. The HMO did some cheap initial groundwork. I have survived thanks to him, not them. Providentially speaking though, I am now much healthier than when all this started, partly because of how much worse getting worse forced me to add myself to my own priority lists. I wasn’t forced to learn how to take care of my health until the HMOs crippled me so much that I had to learn how to add up all those 1-2% things that sum up to real health. 2% times 50 health items (there are far more than 50) equals 100% improvement. I have improved far more than 100% since a 100% improvement from say 10% to 20% IS a 100% improvement. I am NOT totally cured, I am though, virtually cured though since people have quit joking to my face about how slurred my speech was getting, time slurs my writing now more than anything else, so don’t go by this for that. Even though there are hints of some bipolarity in my family’s genetics, nothing has ever come close to what I have, especially not sudden onset. I suspect such a minor brain chemical susceptibility was severely aggravated with some kind of actual damage which may never heal. The brain replaces and substitutes more circuits than it repairs using massive redundancy, which can be much faster than a six-week tissue repair and uses un-scarred re-trainable memory blocks besides. The pineal gland is the only one in the brain without a mirror image, so I may be stuck. I have lost a little ground in the last few months because I hurt my knees trying to train (with insufficient, impatient warm-ups) for a cute stair-climb race, and stopped running, but last night did several sprints without pain today. I have all the books for a local college’s acquired brain injury program, which I will probably take since they won’t let me challenge the classes since the head instructor requires specialist interaction training, which I reluctantly concede the more I think about it. I hate classes paced for the slowest common denominator student, unless I would have been one. I feel so much better that I feel healed, though I’m not, though maybe I am healing. I still can’t get to sleep without medicine intervention, due to the root (whatever it is) problem persisting, and so therefore does this dependency on sleep assistance, which isn’t guaranteed to last, so let’s clarify the vagueness of my definition of cure right now to mean “cure”=remission of secondary (derivative), not primary “dis”-“ease.” The magic to the Dr. Jensen protocol is that his technique is as adaptive as neural networks, Kohonen, back propagation, et. al, He thinks like we were designed to think. He doesn’t have to foreknow the solution to converge there. I am better than I have been in 20 years, a sure death from stress has been averted. I was headed lower before Dr. Jensen, now I am headed back up. My stock portfolio has had gains of $20,000 in just two hours that it sometimes loses half of in the next two hours. If I knew how to play the spikes I would never have to work again. The Yahoo board consensus is that those spikes are just the initial warnings of a massive recovery, and with some of it's subsidiaries having huge IPO value, well, just look at what SCMR, DPAC, XYBR and MTNX did. I have more shares than that company’s president has reported. Somewhat OT, but I'm just placing perspective on Dr. cost where it belongs. That Yahoo board claims that I’ll be a multi-millionaire soon if I hold, but it would be ***“””worthless”””*** to me if I hadn’t been under Dr. Jensen’s care. If you want to spend a lot of money on cubic zirconia care, then don’t expect much valuable fire in your life. I’m now able to contemplate enjoying life and money again. Just before Dr. Jensen I had bought a 35-foot travel trailer to move out into the boonies with so I could liquidate everything and just wait for the natural end of incurable sleep deficit, and contain some of the ominous psychotic episodes that I was terrified were inevitable. Robert Ulrich moderated a TV special on fatal familial insomnia, it was terrible to watch them keep someone alive that long, I lost my inclination to be such a guinea pig during that one hour show. I wanted to isolate such final griefs from my family. I could generate pages and pages of spreadsheets and still not get across all the intangible benefits of being better. I was dead (surrendered to it) but now I’m alive and going to be proud of it. I was on the nominating, fact-finding and endorsing committees for my political party for my State’s ’88 election pre-pre- and final conventions. I still have many friends in high places. As soon as I can integrate my ideas for health caring “care” reform from an insider’s point of view with the long term necessities of the Y2.1k problem, I will propose some political cures. I always try to turn the worst things that happen to me into the best things that happen to everyone else. Lot’s of work and effort is already in place, but it seems to be consuming money and generating more paper than help. I’m not a big wheel, never wanted to be, but I’ve always been the grease they needed to reduce friction. I have a B.S. instead of a B.A. in Business Administration (With Distinction) because I wanted much more to know what needed to be done and how to prove it than how to be a dictatorial authority and get away with it artistically regardless of who was really most right. Look at all the opportunities for social contribution here: It is somewhat inspiring to see that regardless of religion: deism or atheism, creationism or evolutionism, morality or amorality, exactly the same things are required to save the world as has been prophesied. Even aliens or people from the future would have to do exactly the same things to save us from choking all ourselves to death. Survival seems to be waiting for some leadership as well as a leadership figurehead instead of personal self-management. Why? Our planetary motivations are redundant with excessive and expensive du-tri-???plicity. The barricade conflicts are over giving due credit to the inspiration source of what can now be determined with simple but unbiased mathematics. Do all the “consequence calculations” and solve for irreversibles first. If you can get the conflicts out of the way and set aside, all that inter-socially wasted adrenaline will be sufficient to achieve the necessary tasks with surplus, if not, then billions more people will die of starvation from the deficits of rationality. From Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge…” thus we see in the newspapers daily what was prophesied next. (Hebrew “daath” nounish ‘knowing by experience’ often nearly synonymous with the word used for wisdom in the “books of wisdom” we already have enough experience to learn from, we’ve made more than enough mistakes already, we don’t need to double-check by deliberately repeating mistakes just for the sake of the scientific method, it just needs the trickle-down to the masses effort required. If we knew what to do we’d do it is no longer the question, we know what to do, we just don’t know how to get ourselves to do it).

I don’t believe I should have said 30%-60% cure, if I did, I meant relief and/or cure, there is a lot of relief for a lot of things still incurable. Many systems will self-cure if given sufficient relief, basic fundamental neuropsychology. Two weeks, well, tougher tangled problems are likely to take longer. If anything will ever exist for the rest of the people, well, only time will tell. It is foolish to hold the medical profession responsible for a 100% cure rate at the present level of technology and self-destructive social behavior norms. Medicine isn’t in such a final stage as mathematics is and it’s an error destined to force depression to try to think of it that way. Don’t sabotage yourself with unrealistic expectations. Physics is way ahead of physiology since the experimental subjects aren’t required to sign releases and the researchers aren’t forced to wait for insurance payments. Non-invasive sensor research is only beginning to close some small gaps. The amazing fact behind his %rates is that because of his $rates he is not first resort but last resort for many who are the total failures of the best doctor care elsewhere. I suspect his percentage rates are better than most doctors get who have a lot of those easily curable in their intake populations. That will change as he is not keeping his method to himself. Someday the percentage that are hard-core treatment resistant will be half. He took several famous clients on a TV talk show circuit campaign with all the top shows you can think of. I discovered him there, it took three months to get an appointment back then, but I didn’t want to try those doctors who had failed. The UCI PET/MRI scans research unit wasn’t taking on any atypicals research subjects then since they were booked solid for months trying to re-figure out what NORMAL was, since they had lost their confidence of what normal was, so I quit waiting for them to try to diagnose me. Those clients had been able to afford 50-100 of the best doctors elsewhere anywhere available and didn’t find relief before Dr. Jensen. Care to waste YOUR money repeating that research as to which doctor to hire for your care? Do you like raising someone else’s tax bracket at your expense for nothing in return? Sometimes those prior efforts by less skilled doctors effects require a de-tox period. Getting his second book published so that it will be deliberately designed for initial doctor training instead of post-graduate supplemental training will prevent a lot of that secondary damage from building up in the population. Causative effects should be easier to fix faster than the damage caused by extended mis-medications by doctors who try to fix whole brains using stuff that only fixes a few percent of its probable problem. I will probably never get all this never-necessary bio-suppressant lithium out of my body because they treated failure to sleep as mania at my very expensive expense.

Second: 8% or 12% dose. I think these are percentages relative to maximum (legal?) therapeutic doses. Too much causes an imbalance shift in a direction (opposite, dominating or depressing, even anti-depressing as I used to joke when anti-depressants were tried on me even when I wasn’t depressed) that may fool someone into another diagnosis based on the assumption that the teeter-totter is really down another way. You can also invoke inadvertent forcing functions that disturb sensitivity thresholds, reuptake inhibitors can inhibit re-uptake so much that the reaction can starve for months to virtual or actual permanent death especially since the reactions are circular bidirectionally. I used to joke that some people need baby barf pills to rebuild/replace their milk digestion enzymes. I know you are all a little involved here and maybe an allegory I used to maintain objectivity may help you too. If mine doesn’t work on you, don’t give up, you need to invent one that gives you objectivity so that you can determine if something is getting you inappropriately obsessed. Survival instincts are designed to be sufficiently strong (hyper-obsessive) to overcome major obstacles at the expense of all lesser things, such as so-called balance, but even it’s ultimate goal is recovery of that so-called balance. Survival instincts aren’t a dis-ease, but what subconsciously triggers them can be, survival instincts shouldn’t be allowed to mask underlying causes and derivative effects just because they are several generations removed from an actual causative factor which may no longer be causing the actual waves or ripples. I think of the brain chemistry as an ecology, with Darwinian species population management. Surpluses lead to self-poisoning density and deficits lead to self-cannibalizing of second-choice resources with sometimes defective, disruptive and destructive organically inappropriate metabolites. Curing the symptom best requires fixing the cause. Fixing the symptoms is better than doing nothing, but it should be watched for exacerbation of the cause and that it not become an additional cause. When we stop a symptom of something the brain is trying to fix itself, we often force it to try something else. Overdoing treatment can really force the brain to over-react to both the original cause AND the fight back against the medication that has become an additional target for self-defense of self-balance autonomy. There are biofeedback monitors (extremely simple galvanic skin response devices) available that can detect food allergies at first ingestion. If you overdo anything you can make yourself allergic (defensive) to it. Allergy: body’s subconscious “stop it” warnings to the conscious, when subconscious whine-ings to the consciousness otherwise fail. Pseudo-allergic reactions affect moods too, there are many auto-immune problems such as even lupus where the body chemistry gets even more self-destructive than some mentalities and behaviors. I believe we are supposed to get alerts from our body when something is wrong and that our brains are supposed to get worried, and that worry should be exponential, not linear, and that the adrenaline should constructively be used for corrective activity, not storage in panic centers. We DO NOT want to generate tolerance to balancing medications by overdoing them or the brain. Why try things that don’t work right away when you have an extensive case history of things that do help right away and that also clear away the clutter of secondary effects? Isn’t that the kind of way our brains are supposed to work? Why did dentist’s give those toddlers those high sugar suckers back in the dark ages when I was a kid right after dental work anyway?

Third: regarding twice. If you have any 3-D mesh statistics experience this will be easier to explain. I think the most serious blip in my balance levels recovered or was given enough rest that it compensated internally. Otherwise, the tolerance developed overnight, I was up for over ten days, and none of the old stuff worked when re-tried, no tolerances reversed. Nothing new singular worked either, only the binary combination did. If you look at the chemistry, not only are you critically dependent on the chemicals at any given instant in time, but you are dependent on the temporal characteristics of their synthesis, storage, release, interaction, re-uptake, inactivation, degradation, toxic waste neutralization & expulsion as well as the relative qualities of all those activities. Even the partial pressures of dissolved gases have a huge effect on overall perceived well-being. All muscles use acetylcholine during contraction, it also acts in the sympathetic system and in the brain. Muscles using too much acetylcholine may hog it from the brain, seen any muscle-builder cartoons lately, I boost with lecithin so that I don’t starve anything. We get uneasy feelings when our confidence upsets even our stomachs when our thinking doesn’t correlate new experiences with pre-existing experiential learning. Just having a fuzzy period in our temporal understanding statistics could take lots of statistically significant experience obsessive-seeming counter-balancing. Only women do well with small sample (student’s T) experiential intuition because society only allows women the emotional range that generates enough hypo-thalamus “memory” from single incidents. Because of the Hall effect, the brain can be anesthetized with strong magnetic fields. There are Arctic fish that can be frozen solid and yet swim away after thaw, suspended animation apparently of the brain as well. The brain stores its states, instruction queues and programs chemically, not just electrically. It uses chemical accumulators to efficiently accomplish such infinitesimally digital analog integral calculations. We monitor those chemicals with “feelings” because our feelings generate those chemicals in an emotional well-being sensor system ecology. The first longer term trial made me feel tremendously better, but I had to flush out several years worth of mis-medications, over-stress and exhaustion deficits accumulations to cut down my symptom count. It took me three months to do my taxes, but living was living again. I was afraid to go further with experimentation after first relief because I was so starved for relief and not willingly willing to sacrifice relief for relief that couldn’t be promised. I should have. Sooner. I have several EEG/EKG/EMG combo monitor machines, but they aren’t modern enough to be of much use for micro-investigations. Going back to that imaginary mesh chart graph, I now can get to sleep using just two medicines to that boost or inhibit just enough to get me to sleep. One big mesh bump is gone, but the remaining bumps and dips are many. Ever heard of anyone being called a dip, could have been legitimately diagnostic. I’ll be even more compassionate to such because of this forever. Whether we are correcting the actual fault or achieving the same thing with a detour is unknown to me. The longer I use this the more the secondary symptoms heal away. I was such a workaholic that there could be multiple faults that will catch up with me worse someday. I was working more than 80 hours straight without even taking breaks for eating. Try taking water out of farmland for too long and it can never be anything but desert again. But, in the meantime, I boost with amino-acid rich supplements so that none of my systems starve for attention to reasonable nutrition again.

Speaking of eating, this is 4 pages 10 pt. And it’s 6:00 PM here. I’ll take a break for all of us and let you digest and dissect this. X is notoriously an unknown quantity. Spurts are drips under pressure. Some experts are unknown drips under pressure. I’m not claiming to be an expert, my earlier disclaimer applies. That humor vernacular sure dates me, in spite of no one still dating dinosaurs.

Phillip Marx

> Michele,
> Never heard of him myself before
> Phil




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