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Re: 20 questions for Fred, Adam, Erin, Noa, Tom, Siri

Posted by Tom on December 12, 1999, at 21:23:06

In reply to 20 questions for Fred, Adam, Erin, Noa, Tom, Siri, posted by Morose on December 10, 1999, at 16:52:55

> 1. How do you know you have an unconscious mind? Are you conscious of it?

Can't be proven, but it's my personal belief that it exists.

> 2. Did your shrink tell you have an unconscious mind?
No; did research on my particular disorder (dissociative disorder) and learned about the unconcious mind.
> 3. Did you read it in a book?
No, on-line.
> 4. How is talking to your shrink different from talking to a friend? Do you have any friends? Is your shrink your friend?
Friends don't want to hear about mental illness. Maybe discuss some problems, but nothing further. Have plenty of friends. Don't consider my shrink my friend (he's very cool, calm, methodical; not the friendly type).
> 5. How is talking to your shrink different from talking to your internist?
Mdoc doesn't want to discuss this. Feels it should be handled by my shrink.
> 6. How is talking to your shrink different from reading books?
About the same.
> 7. Are you smarter than your shrink?
About psychiatry? No. The rest? Don't know.
> 8. Are you smarter than your unconscious? Is your unconscious smarter than you?
Tough one. Unconscious mind is were your true emotions lie, not intellegence. Trying to compare apples with oranges.
> 9. What book are you reading this week?
None currently. Read alot of business mags though.
> 10. What book is your shrink reading this week?
Don't know. He is currently writing a book about his specialized practice (disoc disorders) though.
> 11. If you donít know what book your shrink is reading this week, why donít you know? Did you ask? Did your shrink refuse to answer?
Don't spend much time on small talk. Just concentrating on my issues.
> 12. Which evolved first, the conscious mind or the unconscious mind?
Simultaneously evolving every day.
> 13. Does your shrink prescribe drugs to you?
He will. I'm currently not taking any.
> 14. Has your shrink ever taken the drugs he or she prescribes?
Don't know, don't really care.
> 15. Letís assume your shrink knows everything about your finances, your career aspirations, your sex life, your upbringing, everything. What do you know about your shrink?
Only know about his professional background. Enough for me.
> 16. Would you like to go out for a beer with your shrink?
Uh, no.
> 17. If you were out and about with a friend, and you ran into your shrink, would you say hello? Would you introduce your friend?
> 18. How would your answer to 17 differ if you were with your spouse? One of your kids?
No different.
> 19. Do you think your shrink is afraid to grow old and die?
If he is afraid, I can't see it. I'm sure he had as much fear as most people.
> 20. Are you afraid to grow old and die? If so, is that fear conscious, unconscious, or both?
Yes, to some degree. The fear is both conscious and unconscious. Thats the beauty of both minds. You can feel something, and process it through thoughts. The healthiest individuals have no trouble accepting their feelings. Those who reject them get sick; no fault of their own though. Kinda sucks, doesn't it?




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