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Re: Yeah....what Bob said! (how my depression agree's)

Posted by Joanna on December 9, 1999, at 23:18:54

In reply to Yeah....what Bob said! (how my depression agree's), posted by CarolAnn on November 29, 1999, at 9:39:31

> If I followed Bob correctly, he was basically saying that depression can be both biologically inherent *and* have a specific cause. I have to agree. As far as my biology: My father's whole family are alcoholics(in denial), and actually my grandmother(dad's mom) had(before dying) a history of depression including undergoing Electro-shock treatments! Most of my mother's family are drug addicts(also in denial). With these genetics is it any wonder that I would be predisposed to depression as well as substance abuse(although my "substance" of choice has always been food)??
> Anyway, none of this was helped by being raised by a verbally abusive mother and an emotionally passive father. Now, according to some Doctors I should be cured of my depression after undergoing two years of talk therapy and totally resolving all my childhood "issues". Yet, here I am seven yrs. later and not only still suffering depression, but getting worse do to the difficulty of finding effective medication for my particular case. My bottom-line belief is that some people are born with a depression gene which gets "activated" by any number of causes: dysfunctional family, specific event(causing grief), traumatic experience, ect. There are probably some(very few,I would think) people who have the depression gene, but either never have anything happen to activate it or have the gene activated for no apparent reason. Regardless, depression must be treated a a true medical condition and not some kind of mental funk that will go away if we just ,"snap out of it!". CarolAnn

This is in response to the original thread and the follow ups: Psychiatric drugs:poison or panacea?
I am now faced with the possibility of needing to start taking medication again, having been on a psychotropic drug twice in my past. I have never been one to say no to taking any necessary medication whether for a "physical" or "mental" condition. I am grateful that there are medications that can be used to treat depression and other disorders! Thank God they exist. I am amazed at the reaction educated-informed people have re: meds. (I am assuming here that this author/dr. has some education in his history). The points that have been made in this on-line observation/conversation are really thought out and well spoken. I particularly appreciate the comment that rarely is anything "ALL" or "NOTHING" but this person is saying these meds are NEVER good for anyone. The fact is, there are so many variables but the fact that some people have some negative reactions should not eliminate them as treatment options.
With all that said, I am finding myself very hesitant to wanting to go back on them. The counselor I am seeing didn't indicate that he felt it was urgent or even necessary at this time: just that in light of my history combined with present life events, it is something I might want to consider. I actually had thought about it before he even mentioned it, but there is a sense right now that I really don't want to need them, I guess is the way to describe it. Of course if almost anybody else I knew were to ask my opinion if they faced the same thing, I would ask them if they thought they'd be better off with or without and encourage them not to hesitate if they really thought they would be helpful. Yet, I am hesitating even though I know it could be just what I need to do at this particular time.
Well, I guess I have just been thinking out loud. (With an "audience" that probably has some insights and thoughts that are relevant to this concern). If anyone wishes to reply I am open to hearing your thoughts. In the end, I will have to decide for myself. Take care all-
Peace - Joanna:)




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