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Re: To Ali...this is a long 'un

Posted by Ali on December 13, 1999, at 10:00:11

In reply to To Ali...this is a long 'un, posted by Deb R on November 29, 1999, at 8:21:55

> Deb, sorry I haven't replied, but my back's been out and I can't sit for too long without pain.

Anyway, the way I see it, at 73 your mom may be able to manage without antipsychotics or on a very low dose.My suggestion, which you should discuss with her MD would be to reduce Olanzapine by 2.5 mg every week( or slower if need be, perhaps 1.25 mg every week or every other week) and see how she does.
If her symptoms recur, the dose can be increases slightly.Be aware that at her age, we also risk agitation and confusion by making any medication changes but she may do OK.
If she has (presumably) had NMS and is now symptom free, a trial off the meds is definitely warranted.Discuss it with her MD.

Good luck!!
> You are a gem we go
> > Why is your mom on it?(diagnosis?)
> - Ali, Mum is Schizophrenic.
> >How long was she on it before she developed NMS and on what dose? What dose is she on now?
> - Mum was changed from Risperidone (not sure of the dose of this, but very high) to Olanzapine about 3 weeks before developing the symptoms of NMS. Olanz dose was 27.5mg, along with Diazepam (not sure of dose, perhaps 5mg). Olanzapine dose is now 7.5mg, plus Diazepam about 2mg (is that dose possible? I think thats right anyway)
> >Has she had problems with other meds e.g Risperdal?
> - Mum has had leg shaking and jerking for as long as I can remember, not as severe as when she was on Modecate injections, Mum then looked as though she had full-blown Parkinson's disease. I think the TD is permanent now - leg shaking mainly. Mum has the most amazing muscle development in her legs, she has beautiful legs for a 70+ year old, great shape etc. That might sound like a weird thing to say, but I guess its because they are constantly moving.
> >Why did she have to get off that?
> - Mums Psych changed Mum to Olanzapine because she thought it would give some relief from all the "touching" things that were happening, Mum felt as though she was being touched by "someone" all the time, there is a name for this, but I can't remember what they called it.
> >Was the dx of NMS confirmed?
> - Mum had all the symptoms of NMS although the level in her blood of something called Serum Creatinase (bleah, not sure if that is the right name for it.) while "very high" was not as extreme as is usual for NMS.
> >Why is she still on it if she did indeed have NMS?
> - Exactly what I am trying to find out. The NMS diagnosis was confirmed by the Doctors (Mum was on a general ward while they discounted other medical conditions for nearly 2 weeks, still on the high level of drugs!) When I started to look into this NMS (Mum was admitted with this as a big query from her Psychiatrist) I started to ask questions, like why was Mum still on the drugs if she had NMS etc. Anyway, thats when they started to say that they werent convinced she did have it and they were still trying to work out what was happening. Mum did have it, I have no doubt. Especially when they actually got Mum's permission to video her for their teaching purposes!
> >what symptoms does she have remaining after she gets off the drug.
> -Ali, for one blissful week, Mum was off all drugs. You should have seen her animated face, she looked happy and actually smiled at me with her whole face, shining eyes. I was so happy after years and years of Mum with what I call 'the mask' on. Even the voices went!!! Mum wasnt hearing any voices at all!!! Why was that, when Mum said to the Docs (by this stage she was on the Psych ward) "I dont think I need the drugs as the voices have gone" ...they replied: "But what if they come back".
> >At 73, there may be other alternatives for her.
> - Ali, I am so hopeful...there must be something out there that can help Mum have a break from the drugs at least until her body can recover a bit more.
> >Of course, you must discuss these with her MD before making ANY changes in her meds.
> - Absolutely, I would be too scared to do it any other way. I have to be careful also to make sure it is what Mum wants to do, Mum is so compliant and will not question anything the Doc's tell her, years of conditioning I suppose. A lot has changed in Mental Health during my Mum's time. Thank goodness.
> Ali, it feels good to be writing all this down, there is soooo much more I could write, once I get started I have to make sure I re-read it all the time so I don't rave on too much...many thanks to you for any input you may have. I appreciate your interest so much and I am very grateful you responded to my post...
> sincerely,
> Deb.




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