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Re: Social phobia - side effects of Celexa

Posted by Rick on August 17, 1999, at 23:17:32

In reply to Re: Social phobia - side effects of Celexa, posted by Rick on August 17, 1999, at 23:01:26

A P.S.: I usually don't buy into claims that generics are inferior to the "real thing". But in this case I've seen so many people (including some medical profesionals) profess that the generic clonazepam is inferior that I've insisted on branded Klonopin.


> Douglas --
> One point I forgot to mention: After quitting
the Nardil, it took 3 weeks for orgasms to return.
(It was kind of scary!)
> As to your query about Benzo dependence and
addiction, there's no question that there's some
controversy surrounding that issue (as well as
doctors who are more concerned about avoiding
lawsuits than optimally treating their patients).
> I'll make a few points, and then give you a
link that has a wealth of great (and cautiously
re-assuring) about dependence, addiction, and
withdrawal, as well as comparisons of the
benefits/risks of various Benzos.
> 1. Longer-acting Benzos like Klonopin have less
addiction potential than short-acting varieties
like Xanax.
> 2. If you have history of drug or alcohol
dependence, you are much more prone to addiction
and probably should stay away from any Benzo. But
if you take it anyways, steer completely clear of
alcohol and expect a somewhat more difficult
withdrawal process if/when you stop the drug.
> 3. Alcohol reaction while on a Benzo varies by
person, but these drugs are Central Nervous System
Depressants and as such DO greatly potentiate
alcohol effects. Some say Benzo users must go
cold turkey on booze or they could end up in a
coma. Most (including my pdoc) say -- and this
seems more rational -- that the Benzos multiply
the effect of alcohol (i.e., reaction to one beer
on a Benzo is like the reaction to three beers
without a Benzo; obviously dosage matters). So
drink if you must, but in careful moderation!
> 4. My pdoc (a 20-year board-certified
psychiatrist) assures me that as long as I do not
exceed 3mg/day of Klonopin; AND dose back down
very gradually, there will be minimal withrawal
problems if/when I quit the medication. Quitting
under a good doctor's supervsion is the best idea.
> Rick
> -------
> > I have been suffering from mild social phobia
> for the last 20 years. It usually manifests
> by sweating in certain social situations when I
> the center of attention. I had learned to live
> with it(mostly through avoidance), but finally
> after a particularly bad/embarrassing episode, I
> decided to seek professional help. I was
> prescribed Paxil and took 10 mgs a day for a
> then 20 mgs daily for a week. The sexual side
> effect of extrememly delayed ejaculation or even
> no orgasm was unacceptable, and my doctor said
> this type of side effect usually doesn't
> I was then prescribed Celexa in hopes of
> alleviating the sexual side effect. This is my
> third day of 10 mgs of Celexa. I amm supposed to
> gradually increase the dosage. I was wondering
> anyone out there has any experience with Celexa
> any other ssri as part of a treatment plan for
> social phobia. Also, is anyone taking Celexa
> without experiencing similar side effects ?





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