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Re: Social phobia - Celexa & Manerix???

Posted by on August 18, 1999, at 8:15:08

In reply to Re: Social phobia - Celexa & Manerix???, posted by bones on August 17, 1999, at 18:36:08

The concept of social anxiety was only recently mentioned to me by a psych. I've been seeing who has also focused on some obsessive thinking patterns which probably effect my core and far ranging anxiety and depression which ranges from dysthamia to major/double.

I've used Impramine, Paxil and Zoloft in the past for several months at a time. All may have helped in combo. with other things but had mental fogging, yawnnnninnGGG and other effects which I didn't appreciate.

I've only tried a few days of 10 mgs. of Celexa which supposedly has minimal effects and then went off it again as I was in an intense workshop using psycho-drama and such and wanted to try without. That was a few weeks ago. On Sunday p.m. I was feeling pretty down and took a 10 mg. dose which I haven't since repeated. Experienced early morning waking and hot flushes & racing heart the following a.m. and since. This a.m woke up flushed and sweaty and feeling somewhat up.

Would the Celexa still have an impact at this point??? I don't know...Hard to seperate AD from non-AD impacts over such a short period as I sometimes have some of those effects without. However the ADs generally did leave me feeling fuzzy and deeply fatigued at times and like I could only access part of my brain. Feel that way when highly stressed too so I don't know what to think about any of this....As I write this the fatigue and weariness is settling back in...go figure....

> > The down side of the medication for me was that it made me edgy - my brain worked overtime - thinking, thinking - not good for someone with OCD. I've always had trouble with motivation - the Manerix seemed to help with my initiative. Didn't sleep well with it either - although this seems to be prevalent with a lot of the SSRI's too. .... Have you any other med tips you can give me? Anything else that worked on your social anxiety but you had to give up because of side effects?? (Celexa is the next drug of choice suggested to me by my Dr.) Just tried Paxil - I found it had little effect on my Social Anxiety. Prozac was good for Social Anxiety - made me very lethargic - unmotivated - I had trouble getting out of bed in the morning - would sleep at any opportunity. Enough said!! I'm writing a book!!
> Anyone out there had experience with Manerix & if so how was it for you???? Did it help with depression???
> >
> > I've only briefly tried Celexa for a few days before backing off because of hot flushes, perspiration and racing heart in a.m. as well as dull sense of anomie, alienation, fatigue, yawning, etc. Still uncertain which is worse the symptoms of depression & social anxiety or the symptoms from the meds. -- hard to seperate at times effect and cause and whether the ADs exaserbate the situation. Sucks eithe way!!!
> >
> > > Hi Douglas: I too suffer from Social Anxiety (OCD too). I was recently on a drug called Manerix which I found was quite effective with my Social Anxiety. I felt very "sharp" mentally, (something I dislike about the SSRI's which make me apathetic and mentally foggy). It stopped my tremors. (However I did feel a little "edgy".) I was on quite a small dose, but had to come off of it as it exacerbated my OCD... (It's part of the MAOI family - a newer drug - no (or little) dietary restrictions.) ...(Also no sexual side effect with the Manerix.)
> > >
> > > > I have been suffering from mild social phobia for the last 20 years...This is my third day of 10 mgs of Celexa. I amm supposed to gradually increase the dosage. I was wondering if anyone out there has any experience with Celexa or any other ssri as part of a treatment plan for social phobia. Also, is anyone taking Celexa without experiencing similar side effects ?




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