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Re: CRAIG and everyone please read

Posted by Rene' on July 2, 1999, at 23:46:00

In reply to Re: CRAIG and everyone please read, posted by Cass on July 2, 1999, at 22:23:43

hey, thanks so much for responding so quickly. how often do you get this feeling? It is as I said before constant and has been for a while now. I am almost positive that we are talking about the same feeling, because it is such a distinct feeling, that you would have had to had it to be able to understand what exactly it is that i am refering too. for me it is like my normal feelings of reality are altered, almost like i am high, but i am not. i have only done pot once in my life and this all started after two weeks after i had done it, and had a terrible panic attack during it none the less. if you do not mind me asking, what physical illness do you have, you mentioned it in your post. is it causing you distress as in anxiety or depression? i would love to find a cure for derealization, because it affects more people than you know, for a very long time. one guy that is a friend of mine had had it for 14 years, since he was 12. i pray to God every night that mine goes away soon. i don't ever want to get depressed about this feeling ever again. i have tried to accept it and move on, but sometimes it is hard, ya know? sorry for the long post, but it feels great to get all of this off of my chest. reply soon, i will check this board periodically. thanks again cass (what does that stand for?). Rene'

> > i posted a message on last months posts about a constant derealization/depersonalization feeling that i have constantly and have had for 1 year and 3 months. i am so tired all the time mentally and physically. for those of you that have never heard the term before, it is a feeling of unreality, like you are living in a waking dream. i would love some support and advice for dealing with this, along with some testimonials for those of you that experience this disorder, or forms of it. thank you very much, rene'
> Rene',
> I think I have experienced the same symptoms of derealization/depersonalization you describe. I am also tired all the time, but then again, I have a physical illness as well. Do people comment on your being distant? I have the sense of derealization. Yes . . . a dream-like feeling. It often happens when I have a bad memory. I become very distant and have great difficulty focusing. I become sort of vegetable-like. It's difficult to control. I went through a lot of abuse and neglect as a child. I do not have the feeling constantly, I have had it off and on since I was in my early teens. I'm not sure if this just goes a long with being fragmented. Do you think we are talking about the same thing? Please let me know.
> Cass




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