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Re: Anafranil & Sex

Posted by Steve on July 2, 1999, at 15:49:49

In reply to Re: What was the question again?, posted by J.Hale on June 30, 1999, at 11:41:46

You know it's funny about Anafranil because to many it is "good" for sex because it "prevents" premature ejaculation. For others (like myself, Anafranil made climaxing almost impossible and frustrating. However it was very effective in fighting my depression. Another negative attribute is Anafranil's uncanny ability to cause dramatic weight gain. I wonder what causes this....

> > Amen, Jeff.
> >
> > My husband takes a high dose of Anafranil with the same "staying power" you described. It sounds good in theory......!....but it's not really all that attractive or desirable after an "extended" period of time. Starts to lose it's appeal from a woman's perspective, you know?
> >
> What dose does your husband take??? I went through my 1st major depression 5 years ago. It was awful...couldnt sleep at all..couldnt eat a thing...lost 20 pounds..thought I had slept with someone in the 80's that I shouldnt have (thought I had aids!) I finally went to a shrink who put me on like 400mg of anafranil, 1mg Klonopin, and Restoril for sleep. Basicallly he knocked me on my ass and yes I did sleep,,,and yes I gain ALL the weight back (and then some) and YES my depression went away for the most part. I am not OCD, but I do have panic/anxiety along with the depression. One thing I hate about the anafranil is that it kind of turns me into a Zombie,,,which is no good ,,since i am in sales. Also the memory thing..geesus how embarassing..I feel like a pothead sometimes. I am looking into satying on the Klonopin, and trying Celexa 40mg. I saw my Doc yesterday, and he gave me a months all i need are the balls to wean off the anafranil (Which has really been a friend to me) and go for a newer SSRI. Good luck to you. Tell your hubby to go easy on the Anafranil on those nights you decide to make love ! hahahaha
> Jeff
> > The weight gain has been very dramatic for my husband.
> >
> > He sees no reason to switch meds, however. He does skip doses for those times in which he thinks he might get "lucky", though. ha ha. I just wish he would reconsider this drug--he's been taking it since it was new (maybe 8 years or so, for OCD). You've given me an idea, though. Maybe if I can talk him into lowering the dose?
> >
> > Why has Anafranil been prescribed for you?
> >
> > Incidentally, your post wasn't crude at all, judging from the volume of posts here that complain about sexual side effects.
> >
> > I read somewhere that (I wish I could gather the energy to search for a reference) that it's common for people with various mental disorders (sorry for the ugly phrase) to end up with each other. I tend to be depressed (which explains why I hang around here), and have been treated for that with various drugs and therapy for nearly a year now. My husband has OCD. What a pair we make! Looking back, I see that my husband probably "rescued" me from a clinical depression when we met 14 years ago. At that time, he was attempting to get help through pastoral counseling, which was of absolutely no help in combatting his particular OCD symptoms.
> >
> > I think I've started to go off on a tangent here. What was the question again?
> >
> > SJ
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Any dosage over 200mg (Which is what I started on 5 years ago) will do strange things to your "member" If you are ABLE to get it up, it will stay there for an extended length of time, and you'll be lucky if you can ejaculate. I take only 25mg a night now, and when I plan on having sex, I up it to 50 or 75mg. This helps with total "control" if you catch my drift. It's not a male ego thing..or errr maybe it is. But to answer your question from someone who KNOWS...YES Anafranil can help with your sex life, especially if you have a pre-ejaculation problem... (excuse my being so blunt)
> > >
> > > JH




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