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Re: So much talk of meds...Isn't there a better way?

Posted by Trey on June 9, 1999, at 23:40:20

In reply to Re: So much talk of meds...Isn't there a better way?, posted by Judy on June 9, 1999, at 19:48:52

No, I don't think you're being wise, Judy, and I appreciate your comments. That's why I posted here - to start a little forum on this page that is a bit of a departure from the other posts.
Your response allows me to clarify my thoughts a bit. I do believe that I should continue on my meds while they are necessary. But they are not a "cure" for my condition. Rather, the meds make my condition manageable. I believe that the REAL cure is the holy grail of my soul's searching. Whether that grail can be uncovered within a lifetime is more the point of my ruminations.
You mention that our conditions are physical. Indeed, that is true and I do accept that. The chemical makeup in my brain is such that I am bipolar. There is no disputing that lithium restores the chemical balance in my brain. I don't feel like there is a defect in my character nor do I feel a victim of my condition. On the contrary, I feel my condition is a blessing. I have a capacity to feel and intuit much more deeply than most "normal" people. Yet, when left untreated, this condition can become a nightmare. That's one nightmare I don't ever want to experience again. To answer your question: Yes, if I were diabetic I would take insulin and if I had heart problems I would most likely consider a pacemaker. That's why I continue with my meds. However, these are just physical conditions, quite likely manifestations of other weaknesses.
That's also why I continue searching for deeper answers. Saying my condition is a physical one is ignoring our other aspects - mind and soul. The three are completely intertwined and inseparable. Working to positively change any one aspect will most certainly affect the other two. There's so much more to life than our physical existence. My thoughts are really starting to meander, so I am going to wrap this up.
It just seems that all the research being done in psychiatrics is to come up with a pill for this and a pill for that. Here, take a pill, everything will be just fine. Every other day it seems, I read a magazine ad or see a commercial on TV for some new pill promising health and happiness. That's exactly what the pharmaceutical companies want you to believe, and most people buy right in. Everyone wants the quick fix so that's what researchers try to come up with. But again, they treat the symptoms. They don't treat the cause. I'm not interested in taking another pill; I would much rather see research aim to nail the causes down. Bring the mind and more importantly, the soul, back in line with the body and look at the bigger picture. Peace.
> Trey,
> I firmly believe that I have an organ in my body that is PHYSICALLY impaired - my brain. Without medication, I cannot confront anything because the screwed up chemicals in my brain will not allow it - those chemicals are the *cause* of my distress.
> Why, because it's your brain, do you feel you should be able to mentally triumph over it? If your pancrease were impaired, wouldn't you willingly take insulin? If your heart were beating erratically, wouldn't you consider a pacemaker if it were recommended? Your brain is another malfunctioning organ, just like the pancrease and the heart.
> A long, long time ago I stopped searching my soul and accepted my condition as physical - not mental.
> I hope you don't think I'm being wise - this is what I truly believe.
> Judy




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