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Re: So much talk of meds...Isn't there a better way?

Posted by Annie on June 10, 1999, at 21:16:30

In reply to Re: So much talk of meds...Isn't there a better way?, posted by Trey on June 10, 1999, at 11:55:21

You might be interested in the book "The Zen Path Through Depression" by Philip Martin. The author(who had depression) calls depression "an illness not just of the body and mind, but also of the heart." The book is a totally different approach to healing depression: the spirit is where the key to healing lies.
P.S. I was also raised Catholic. UH OH!

> John, and all others who post replies:
> Please, no defenses of meds! I thought I made it clear that I am not attacking meds and that I am very grateful for the balance that they restore to my life. That aside, what I am looking for is discussion on what the real causes of our ailments might be - perhaps a failure to confront certain aspects of ourselves, or maybe a flaw in our own personal belief systems.
> John, I appreciate all of your heartfelt advice. I can sense that, although you don't know me, you really care about me; enough so that you took the time to post a reply. You are a really good soul and this world needs more people like you. However, I really wasn't asking for support. I am content with my diagnosis and did mention that I feel it is a real blessing in disguise. To be certain, as you mention, I wouldn't trade my problem for anyone else's. It's MY problem, to tinker with and praise and to poke fun at and to laugh with and to curse and to despise when I feel like it. It is, at this point in my life, what makes me ME. I've made my peace with my condition, and for that I feel fortunate. I really believe that is the first part of the healing process and for those who haven't yet made it to that point, my heart goes out to them. The point of my posts is not to reach out for support, it is to do dig deeper to see if we may be able to come up with a different approach to our conditions. There is a bigger picture, and focusing on any one detail for too long will cause us to lose sight of it.
> A good amount of your advice spoke of churches and support groups and the like. I can certainly appreciate the value of these institutions to help people to heal. But these are both, in essence, external. They are outside of ourselves, just like meds are. I was born and raised Catholic. I discarded most of those beliefs when I was in college because I was TOLD to believe them all my life. I wanted to find out what *I* really believed. I read lots of books on different religious traditions and really dug deep into my soul. At about which time, my mania manifested itself. Coincidence? hmmmm...I really don't know. At any rate, what I have come to believe as I search for truth is that God does not exist outside of ourselves as Catholics are taught. Rather, there is a higher part of Ourselves that is directly connected to God and is One with God. This whole idea of a God that exists outside of us, I wonder, is what may be causing so many of our ills. I had my first inkling of this when I was hospitalized for my mania. I did an informal survey of all my fellow patients who were suffering from a range of psychiatric ailments. I simply asked them what religious tradition they had been raised in as a child. NINETY NINE percent said they were Catholic. Of course, I am no scientist and my sample size was very small - 30 people or so. But this seemed to tell me something, and kept me on this path I walk today.
> Could it be our flawed belief systems that contribute to our psychiatric conditions? Fears left unidentified and unconfronted? Let's just stop talking about meds, if only for a while, and see what we can come up with. Any ideas?




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