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Y'all are so cool !

Posted by Shar on April 9, 2005, at 1:09:11

In reply to Re: Should this board die? Should we?, posted by Racer on April 8, 2005, at 20:00:30

Wow, those are very interesting concepts that have been expressed! And, I'm SO happy to see everyone!

Phil, I'm sorry you were late for work! But, really, I have little sympathy since you're going to be 'fixed' with your new therapy session! Plus, we really can't get 'new blood' here, unless we can tap into that space-time dimension where people who were not here in 2000 ARE here now. BTW....You simply must let us know if you got 'fixed.' NO...not in THAT way!!

Nik, I am SO sorry you feel guilt about posting in a closed community. IMHO, all the boards are closed in a way. In other words, if you want to post on faith, it has to be faith-related, and on grief, it has to be grief-related. So, although, those boards are not closed on the basis of time, they are closed in other ways. And, I guess I don't understand how others are hurt by our touching base with each other....if someone (not an oldie) sees something here they want to discuss, they are free to do so on Social or a myriad of other boards, so it's not like a secret society.

However, Nik, I totally accept that you feel that way and honor that. I'd just so love to see you 'guilt-free.'

Racer, I love the idea of touching base with oldies. I don't know what we've earned (except maybe having dealt with this longer than some others), but, the important thing to me is the contact, exchange of info, and being able to talk about things without having to give a whole 'history' like you have to with a new PDoc ( that exhausting or what??). It is a great relief to me to be able to talk to folks who 'know' me.

Oh, well. That is just my take on things. And, I don't want to see 2000 end, so I'd like us to do at least a minimal amount of posting (I don't know how much) to keep it going. And if we do, we have the pleasure of hearing from folks 'who knew us then.'

To all of you, my great thanks for your (as usual) unique replies.

Yer ever lovin' ...




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