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Re: Should this board die? Should we?

Posted by NikkiT2 on April 8, 2005, at 10:35:42

In reply to Should this board die? Should we?, posted by Shar on April 8, 2005, at 1:55:53


And No!

I would hate to see this board die.. and to be totally honest, if this one closed, I think its pretty likely I would stop visiting.

I have my own issues with posting on social, which I know are MY issues, but they're still there..

I don't like the fact I have to double check everything I say incase its taken to Admin though, and so that has pushed me off posting alot of what I normally would..

I guess I just got burnt badly when I was in a really bad state, and thats stopped me from really opening up here anymore..

Plus, I feel guilt for posting on here when it's a "closed community" and it hurts other people that we post in here..

I guess I will always be around here in some shape or form.. posting occasionally to other people.. But I don't tend to come here for "me" anymore.. I haven't found anywhere else to go with the feelings I need to discuss, and maybe its wrong that I now just internalise them.. *shrugs*

Ach, I'm not a happy bunny today (had cortisone injection in my elbow on Tuesday evening and the tendon it was meant to be helping has rebelled against it slightly so I have to type one handed and it feels like someone is standing behind me with a little hammer banging my funny bone.. will get better within a couple of days I know, but its got me down today)..

I think I'm just missing the babble of a few years ago.. Which I *know* wasn't perfect.. but less over whelming than it is these days.

I dunno the answers.. sorry

Nikki x




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