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Excellent sleep aid

Posted by Hugh on July 12, 2016, at 19:24:53

For the past month, I've been sleeping more deeply, and have been waking up feeling more refreshed, than I have in many years. This is due to a device called Vielight Neuro. It's a transcranial-intranasal near infrared (NIR) headset. It has four clusters of NIR lights that are placed on the scalp, plus another set of lights that is clipped to the nose, so that light shines into the nostril. All of these lights deliver a signal of 10 hertz to the brain.

What it's done for my sleep is remarkable. And I've tried many sleep aids over the years -- trazodone, Remeron, doxepin, Ambien, Sonata, benzos. Benzos got me into big trouble -- tolerance, dependence, horrible withdrawal. Plus I've tried antihistamines, melatonin, valerian, and many other nonprescription sleep aids. Vielight Neuro works better than any of them, by far.

It's possible that most of the sleep benefits are coming from the intranasal component of my Vielight Neuro. This is sold separately as the Vielight 810, and is about one-third the price of Vielight Neuro. Intranasal NIR penetrates far deeper into the brain than NIR that has to pass through the skull.

Here's Vielight's website:

Here's some information about intranasal light therapy for insomnia:


Re: Excellent sleep aid

Posted by Hugh on October 10, 2016, at 11:32:23

In reply to Excellent sleep aid, posted by Hugh on July 12, 2016, at 19:24:53

I'm still using my Vielight Neuro, and I'm still pleased with it. I use it every other night for twenty minutes. I use it shortly before bedtime. I don't like using it earlier in the day because it makes me feel sleepy. This video gives a good idea of what I'm talking about.

The intranasal applicator (called the Vielight 810) can be purchased separately, and is about one-third the price of the Vielight Neuro. I was curious to find out how effective just using the intranasal applicator of my Vielight Neuro would be, and not using the four clusters of NIR lights. (I wanted to find out if I'd spent a lot more money than I needed to to get a good night's sleep.) So recently, for two weeks, I just used the intranasal applicator. For the first week, I continued to sleep well. The second week, my sleep was not as good. I wasn't sleeping as long, or as deeply, as I had been while using the intranasal applicator plus the four NIR clusters. At the end of two weeks, I went back to using the full system, and noticed a significant improvement in my sleep.


Re: Excellent sleep aid

Posted by Hugh on December 3, 2017, at 12:28:48

In reply to Re: Excellent sleep aid, posted by Hugh on October 10, 2016, at 11:32:23

Since posting the above information, I've found a sleep aid that's a lot cheaper than the Vielight Neuro, and that works even better. For me, at least.

I've been using a magnet to improve my sleep for the past eleven months. It's from in Australia. The type of magnet I use is called a QF28-6. I use a Wilson tennis headband to keep the magnet in place at the top of my forehead, just below my hairline, on the left side. Using a watch cap, I've experimented with different placements all over my head. Wearing a magnet on the right side of my head for a few hours made me feel anxious. I wear the magnet 2-4 hours daily or every other day. When I go for a few days without wearing it, the sleep benefits start to fade.

I've also experimented with several different placements on other parts of my body. I use wristbands to keep the QF28-6 on the insides of my forearms (I wear two of the magnets simultaneously), about two inches above my wrist crease (this is called the Pericardium-6 acupoint). I wear them like this for a few hours. This has a stimulating effect on me, and sometimes gives me a feeling of well being that lasts for the rest of the day.

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