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rule by mob

Posted by alexandra_k on December 7, 2020, at 15:41:29

i didn't know what 'subject to this section' meant.

it seems that when there are more applicants than places available the univeristy council can do what it likes.

that is why it tries to get as many people enrolled in first year and applying to medicine as possible... get those applications in...

then the university can pick and choose whoever they want for whatever reasons they want. saying people are ineligible because they don't think they have the capacity to do the programme or because they simply don't approve or whatever.

there doesn't seem to be any accountability.

built into the law, i mean. it's just a law to give power to the mob. to legitimise or legitimate it doing whatever it wants... well, just so long as it keeps the programme 'competitive' so that there are more applications than places available so the university council has the power to gun applicants down.


why would you want to be part of a programme that has decided they don't want you to be a part of it?

it's pretty frustrating to me that they didn't bother to get to know me before they decided that i was rubbish.

but turns out they just didn't think to value the kinds of things that there is in me...

they don't have a sense of justice / fairness / morality. they can't really detect that in another. they are about covering their own butts more than developing in honest or genuine ways, even. the ethics station at the last interview was asking about the ethics of selling tutoring for entry exams. I said about how i would report on someone who was violating integrity of the test because it's hard to write a good test.

but of course that's the brilliant 'start up' idea that some medical graduate has had, at Auckland. Not to tutor people (help them understand the content) but to school people on how to score well in the examinations (using the knowledge gained by doing well in the tests). Selling the information to the highest bidders.

Gaming the system.

Not working to develop fairer systems.

Not workin to develop better systems, even.


And that's the mob. There's a mob mentality.

And there's judgment. They won't come out and say I'm too old but that's driving a lot of it.

And so on...


The way they talk to me is really the thing.

Instead of talking to me like I am an intelligent person they talk to me like I am a naughty child.

Which coupled to them thinking I'm stupid because of my age...

Is a problem. Yeah.


Cry cry cry for vaccine hand-outs
Cry cry cry for software to manage payroll
Cry cry cry for handouts from the World Bank

Refuse to do the most basic of things when it comes to legislation to protect the environment.

Legislate in favor of greater powers for the angry mob.


It's not unlawful for the University to believe that the kids whose parents pay them the most in alumni donations are the kids they are most satisfied will pass the programme.

It's not unlawful for the University to take an alumni donation and convert that to a scholarship (titles) for their particular child. It's not unlawful so far as I can see for me to give the Uni $5,000 donation for a scholarship to be offered in the name of x -- with a wink wink nod nod that the council be satisfied that this partiuclar kid over there is a natural recipeient of that scholarship.

Whether it be a fully funded ride in Medicine.

I don't see it's unlawful for the council to take donations in deciding who they feel most satisfied about when it comes to grades, either. Or academic awards.

I wonder who gets to choose which kid in particular gets the Jacinda Arden Scholarship to Study a masters at Harvard in social change or whatever the centre was... I wonder if NZ gets to elect a representative or ambassador or whatever or if Harvard decides. Or if NZ forwards a list of people it is willing to have considered (and how much money their parents pay to some part of government to get their kid on that list)...

Or whatever...

I know things work like that here. Because you don't have to look too hard to see the proof of tha tor the effects of that in the way that things are, in NZ.


Private schools...

Do manage to accomplish things.

Do manage to get things done.


So... However they choose to select people... Appears to be working?

I guess you could say that. Yeah.

The skills or traits or whatever that they see value in.

I would like to learn more about money. To understand about genuine growth and so on. To understand more about how to help things in genuine ways yeah.

I don't really understand how some hospitals are an endless sink for money while others turn a profit. Is it tha tthe former take the moral high ground and refuse to exploit? No... The'd likely have us believe it... But it's often too much money going to people who do too little... Nobody (I don't think) resents how much money some people make because of the work they do. But often in the public system you have too many incopmetent chiefs who over-value themselves that's for sure.

I wondered what the merger was about... ONe is running at a loss.. The other turning a profit... Do they really want Boston or Philly to take over? Philly reckons they could invest x and get outcome y in profits, even. Lets take a look at that plan for that, then. Yeah. Huh.


I don't think I'll get the declarations I need for justice.

It is too much to ask or expect me to do this myself. So mob wins. Yay NZ victory! Victory for the mob!

I imagine that will be how it will go.

I need a declaration from Auckland that if they did deem me eligible then my rank order score was x and they selected people lower down the rank order score list (because the council believes that you lose your brain and need to be put out to pasture 5 years post-graduation)...

Then the consequences of Waikato refusing to do their job is the loss of my Medical Career in NZ.

Because that's why they got my work to examiners late (you can't make us hahahahhahahahhahahahhaha) and that's why they sent it out for the wrong degree... and why they produced false transcripts for me saying i failed. Because the council can say 'pass' or 'fail' or award any grade as it sees fit. it doesn't believe it has to blind grade or indepenndently or externally examine.

Of course it also goes down down down the international rankings.

Of course it also cries for world bank hadouts and vaccines...

It's a dump.


Re: rule by mob

Posted by alexandra_k on December 7, 2020, at 15:55:30

In reply to rule by mob, posted by alexandra_k on December 7, 2020, at 15:41:29

it is the exploitation...

new zealanders made their money by exploiting others. that's the only sort of growth the people understand.

you... sign a lease on a house, say. then rent out rooms so that the income you get in renting out rooms pays for your rent.

or you buy a house and the rooms you rent out pay for your mortgage.

after time you have enough paid off so the banks will lend you more to buy another house and you rent that out...

and you end up in this position of slum landlords.

people do it when they are young. start out on the property ladder. so they live in a dump alongside other people their own age. so nobody resents them too much they are living amongst 'peers' or 'friends'.

so your ability to make money is your ability to have people want to pay you money to live in your house.

but there's a shortage of houses.

some landlords like to live with tenants. you get situations where sexual offenders and so on like to live with vulnerable kids, you know how that is. others move up in the world and have multiple properties.

but property is what people did in nz. and it was exploitative. substandard housing. not respectful of tenants rights. no locks on bedroom doors. and so on.

landlords werent' incentivised to improve the quality of the houses.


but the stock market... is supposed to be about investing in companies. ideally little companies with good ideas who will produce something and turn a profit on that... or bigger companies or whatever. whatever. and i see that that kind of thing depends on connections. you need to know who is trustworthy. you need people capable and competent of forming opinions about capacity and so on so that things get done.

i think that's the trouble with here... the people who make the decisions often lack the capacity.... the real problem isn't in them lacking the capacity it's in them being unable to identify the capacity in others.

you have to blend with the crowd so the gunners don't shoot you down.


Re: rule by mob

Posted by alexandra_k on December 7, 2020, at 15:59:31

In reply to Re: rule by mob, posted by alexandra_k on December 7, 2020, at 15:55:30

it is about thinking that things are intrinsically exploitativie and that there must be losers and that the only way to win is to gun down a few others.

that mentality. that mindset.

that is the problem.

there isn't an understanding of win-win co-operation. there is only an understanding of behavior that happens to co-ordinate without someone being screwed over.

co-operation isn't simply the lack of competition (gunners trying to shoot others down).

it's a particular kind of co-ordination or co-operation towards something greater than could be achieved by either individual acting alone.

and it isn't something gunning for some other group, either.

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