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Re: rule by mob

Posted by alexandra_k on December 7, 2020, at 15:55:30

In reply to rule by mob, posted by alexandra_k on December 7, 2020, at 15:41:29

it is the exploitation...

new zealanders made their money by exploiting others. that's the only sort of growth the people understand.

you... sign a lease on a house, say. then rent out rooms so that the income you get in renting out rooms pays for your rent.

or you buy a house and the rooms you rent out pay for your mortgage.

after time you have enough paid off so the banks will lend you more to buy another house and you rent that out...

and you end up in this position of slum landlords.

people do it when they are young. start out on the property ladder. so they live in a dump alongside other people their own age. so nobody resents them too much they are living amongst 'peers' or 'friends'.

so your ability to make money is your ability to have people want to pay you money to live in your house.

but there's a shortage of houses.

some landlords like to live with tenants. you get situations where sexual offenders and so on like to live with vulnerable kids, you know how that is. others move up in the world and have multiple properties.

but property is what people did in nz. and it was exploitative. substandard housing. not respectful of tenants rights. no locks on bedroom doors. and so on.

landlords werent' incentivised to improve the quality of the houses.


but the stock market... is supposed to be about investing in companies. ideally little companies with good ideas who will produce something and turn a profit on that... or bigger companies or whatever. whatever. and i see that that kind of thing depends on connections. you need to know who is trustworthy. you need people capable and competent of forming opinions about capacity and so on so that things get done.

i think that's the trouble with here... the people who make the decisions often lack the capacity.... the real problem isn't in them lacking the capacity it's in them being unable to identify the capacity in others.

you have to blend with the crowd so the gunners don't shoot you down.




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