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Re: Went back to work too soon/Maxime Maxime

Posted by kezia on January 12, 2008, at 14:16:34

In reply to Re: Went back to work too soon/Maxime stargazer2, posted by Maxime on January 12, 2008, at 12:04:12

> Thanks for responding.
> It is part the stress I am placing on myself to perform well. But there is stress at work as well. January is our busiest month. We are being pushed. And now I feel like I have to accomplish 5 days work into 3 days.
> Maxime

Can you talk to your boss about your schedule? Perhaps 1/2 days would be better (4 half days instead of 3 full days).

Also, would your boss entertain the idea of a telecommute arrangement? This way, you would only be required to be in the office perhaps 1 day a week (to start with) and work from home 2 days a week. Then, when you are back full-time, you could be in the office 3 days a week and work from home 2. It would reduce the stress of a long commute to and from work (which is draining in itself) and would also reduce the pressure of your having to interact face to face with colleagues, etc. A few years ago, I was really physically sick and my doctor wanted me off work. Anyway, I ended up working from home for a period of time. I had access to the office and my staff through my computer. Work I had to review was sent to me by e-mail, work that couldn't be sent by e-mail was sent by messenger, my phone in my office was call-forwarded to my home . . . I really got a lot done without interruption. If I could convince my boss to allow a telecommute arrangement now, I would love it. A lot of companies are doing it now and I think it is good for morale and productivity.

Anyway, I really don't think you need to suffer. The long-term consequences could be great. If you can't take more time off, then try to make arrangements to reduce as much of the stress as possible. Plus, although easier said than done, try not to put unnecessary pressure on yourself. It's hard when you're a perfectionist (which I am assuming you are [sorry if I am wrong]). You know you have always done, and will always do, your best, so try not to second-guess yourself or tell yourself it is not enough. Also, just because your colleagues may not pull their weight or go that extra mile doesn't mean you have to pick up the slack. You have your job to do and they have theirs. If they can't or won't do theirs, that's their problem. I know what it's like to always be covering for people and being the person that gets all the work that others won't or can't do passed their way. The people that aren't doing the work don't go home at night feeling stressed and guilty about it, but it sure starts to take a toll on the one who always says yes and no problem. It's a hard trait to break and I'm still wrestling with it myself, but there does come a time when you just have to say "I have my job to do and I will give it a 110%, but I can't do everybody else's jobs at a 110% as well."

Anyway, all this to say that you need to take care of yourself and protect yourself.





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