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Re: immediately prior to covid

Posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2022, at 21:14:04

In reply to immediately prior to covid, posted by alexandra_k on September 16, 2022, at 20:59:16

they had to hire her because they didn't have anybody else to teach ethics.

they had a former student who had graduated with a PhD in ethics... but they only graduated him because he made a convincing display of not applying for any job in philosophy and instead working in a video store.

really, being dependent on his wife who was a council employee. since he was financially dependennt on her and they assessed that giving him a phd wasn't going to change the social order or the natural order of the world or of things in the world they gave him his phd.

but they wouldnt' look at hiring him to teach ethics. instead they said there was not anybody in new zealand with the willingness and or ability to do that job so they chose to hire someone from south africa.

i don't know how much money she laundered from south africa into new zealand so that she could teach about how ethics is about prioritising your own interests preferntially (scaffolded by pretending to care about family)... she took out a grad studnet, too, by getting involved iwth one... i'm sure that her involvedment with him made it... less likely?? That Otago woudl progress him or allow him to progress through his PhD...

but before her...

the previosu ethics professor...

was teaching philosophy in the girls school. there was a complaint about him when some kids mother found a sexually inappropriate message from him on her daughters phone.

he liked to party.

his wife worked fairly high up in university administration. there were lots of semi-formal parties at his house. he would be quite clear about how the catering budget was from the university.

for example, i remember attending semi-formal gatherings where alcohol and food etc was supplied from university catering that was attended by various administration big-wigs. the vice chancellor etc etc i do believe...

but he also had a party house out at raglan. a batch. and i think he was having events for the high school girls. who were enrolled in the philosophy in the schools programme via their private girls school in hamilton. i guess he was supplying them with references for their college applications (or not).

he was also on the waikato district health board ethics board.

so you can see what kind of university waikato chose to be with tehir hiring decisions and with things that were regarded as okay up through the highest levels of university management.

what happend to him when the kids mother complained? I think it was a big deal because some of the girls mothers at that school would have cared about their kids actually genuinely... not just keen to pimp them out to the highest bidder (or on the promise of a university reference or the like. maybe the chance of a place in medicine oooooh myyyyy!!)

he died. apparently. so they didn't need to make any further inquiries.

one of the other staff members who had been sexually involved with... 2 undergraduate students from computer science, i believe (one of whom was a philosophy graduate before enrolling in undergrad comp sci, but another of whom was an undergraduate studnet) was moved to a different university in melbourne...

so we can see why there never was going to be a job for me, in philosophy.

i just don't have the skills that they value.

just so you know what it is that they value.

apparently i'm too old, now. their proclivities are for younger and younger. AUT apparently hired a 14 year old vietnamse student to do finance. she was deported on graduation. i think her 'guardian' (informal) went with her...




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