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Re: my supervisor has been replaced by an imposter...

Posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 21:02:04

In reply to Re: my supervisor has been replaced by an imposter..., posted by alexandra_k on April 26, 2022, at 20:54:03

it's particularly there to contribute towards the prevention and prohibition of students completing a 3 year degree in 3 years.

by failing them...

the thought is that they will stay on for summer school.

so instead of them flying home over christmas they will pay for more accommodation and more time spent in new zealand.


that too. they are bad studnets. they should be afraid they will fail or flunk out entirely.

they will take seriously what few courses they were given good grades in, also, and pursue those subjects or majors only.

that way the 'money cow' first year course also serves to scare teh asian studnets, particularly, away from philosophy. they won't do plato or locke berkely hume or whatever... they will go do the subjects the university wants them to do. typically science because those course cost more. the university charges them more to do those kinds of courses.


and then there will be other ways of getting another... well... being 1 course short so they can't complete the 3 year degree in 3 years (even with summer school added). they will need to pay for more time in nz. they will need to opay for more courses for their degree.

they will need to apply for visa extensions. apparently. i didn't think of / realise that.

they will need to pay for medical certificates. to check they don't have tuberculosis etc. i don't know how much they need to pay for medical certificates that the nz government / university will acknowledge.

they pay they pay they pay they pay they pay they pay they pay...

but now i htink the internatioal studnets are in teh process of going away...

because we wouldn't work towards growing the university genuinely with integrity. turning 3 year degrees with high quality contents (graded fairly rewarding natural ability and hard work and genuine motivation and interest) into 4 year degrees where people choose to sign up or invest in them.

instead of try and force people to slave for 4 years over not even 3 years of content...




ruined it for us all.




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