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they just won't listen...

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2022, at 14:04:40

so, apparently a new supreme court judge has been appointed. his story involves a parent not being granted a degree they were working on because they ran out of money (to normalize the idea of that). and, of course, that he really wanted to be an architect but that the grades he was given did not grade him well for physics or arts but well for english therefore he studied law. it had been decided. therefore he was allowed to ascend to the heights of.. what's his salary now, then?

the 'party line' is that kids always have silly sausage ideas in their heads about what they think they want to do. but adults know better and decide for them. and they comply (they 'be good') else they are problems who best be eliminated, really. that's the story that they want us to believe.

so, if they interview people who are doctors, lawyers, engineers. if they interview people who are artists or potters or painters. film makers. whatever. what they will all say is that they wanted to be something different from what it was that other people decided that they should end up being. somehow that is supposed to make us feel better about our own lot in life. where we are all required to do what the government modellers have decided needs doing... and conceal the fact that some get to choose what they want... some child tyrants, i guess. other times their parents likely treat them as badly as they were treated themselves. as they treat their employees. etc.

i enjoyed talking to the kids in the residential hall about what it was that they thought they wanted to do... the first year university students... i think... i think they were honest with me. i think they let their guard down. i think they saw that they could say whatever they thought without judgment or expectation...

quite a few said they didn't really know. that what they wanted was to have a 'good job'. one where they could say what they did to others and feel good about it. like their job was valued. they were open to discovering different things... different possibilities...

others were more particular.

but mostly... i got the feeling or sense that the majority felt genuinely that they didn't really know enough to want to commit to anything just yet. they felt they were only 18... just starting university... they wanted to keep options open rather than prematurely close options off. that that was the reason why they were enrolled in first year health science. because it seemed that that pathway kept more options open to them than any other pathway.

and in this manner...

the university... hoodwinks... them into enrolling in a progamme of study with.. what... 1 lecturer per 1,500 kids.


in the name of 'education'. or... 'vocational training'. or... we'll arrange for you to be imprisoned if you don't voluntarily withdraw from the university prior to your graduation...




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