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because maybe if you pay them...

Posted by alexandra_k on January 21, 2022, at 21:17:59

In reply to Re: hey, you should come to nz, posted by alexandra_k on January 21, 2022, at 21:05:43

because maybe if you pay the universities of nzl more than 100,000 for your education then maybe they will treat you like a human being of quality and integrity.


maybe they will just laugh in your face that they got to steal candy from you. and what are you going to do about it?

what if you spend more...

i mean...

what if you spend several millions of dollars buying yourself an ivy league education... and what if you actually work, to boot. What if you actually study hard and work well and pay them money...

why would they graduate you? why wouldn't they simply arrange for you to be murdered in your sleep?

i mean that's the thing... once people violate the social contract...

why would you believe in them at all?

what's the alternative?

well... i suppose you wait in hope that someone will smash them over the head with a hammer and that will be an end to it. an end to them. maybe there will be actual justice for wrongs that are done until the f*ck*ng stupid psychopaths realise or appreciate that it isn't to their own limited short term selfish interests to be such f*ck*ng stupid psychopaths anymore.

maybe that's it? the solution?

i don't see it...

nobody wants to play their game...

that's why they think they are justified in forcing people / keeping slaves.

nobody wants to live, like that.

that's why nobody is allowed to learn anything about living and about life and about lives worth living and so on and so forth.

there's nothing here...

it's funny (strange not hahaha) these... monolith. small cities. that they build. i suppose they made some kind of sense in parts of the world where outdoors was not inhabitable. when it snows... then it makes sense to spend your time huddling in a mall complex.

but it doesnt' really make sense to have these mall complexes in nz. and they make everything like that, now. the universities and the malls and so on. the commercial centres. the idea, i suppose, is that the money stays in house. the money they pay their workers is reliably and regularly cycled around the economy as their workers pay for parking and lunch.

and it's a life worth living?

yeah. that's why our suicide rates are so high.

yeah, right.

but we produce things that are valued?

yeah, right.

that's why they need the constant government hand-uots to stay afloat.

and given that everyone subsists on government handouts you think about what the government chooses to pay / chooses to support.

the 10 million dollars to Dr Fraser for his vaccination research. Des Gorman to motivate and inspire a new generation to never finding occupationally caused illnesses such that treatment for those illnesses are part of the package for employing the workers of those jobs...

just working to ensure the people stay impoverished and deprived. cattle.

what do we trade internationally, again?

what do we teach at universities?

what is it that we value?


yeah, right. with the brilliant think-tank ideas of the nz government. only the best and the brightest luminaries of intellectual development need apply. really ensuring people have something worth working towards or living for. for sure.

highest rates of suicide in the developed world.

of course this is not the developed world.

we don't even have the most basics of education. we refuse to acknowledge those who have that.

identifying and blowing smoke up the *rs*s of the next generation of hitler youth.

it's like a case study in 'the wave'. just waiting for the tsunami or volcanic explosion or whatever.

detention camp exclusion zone of the world. by it's own design.




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