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Re: family of 16

Posted by alexandra_k on August 23, 2021, at 16:54:44

In reply to family of 16, posted by alexandra_k on August 23, 2021, at 16:35:11

But they keep their mouths shut and their heads down.

My niece if very pretty. Very very pretty. I imagine that has quite a lot to do with why she gets to do the angio directed surgery assistance in teh private hospitals.

It is also likely why she got shifts to work with particular consultants... Etc. Or whatever.

My sis was saying that she has been bullied, horribly, at various points. Really very horribly bullied at various points.

The University never paid her the scholarship they were supposed to (discovered later on her studnet loan that the amount never was deducted from her fees and she tried to sort it out but it never was sorted).

The government is not payign out the scholarships that it promises (at least some) students. To train in certain fields. In the public Universiteis.

She said there was a kerfuffle about her completion / graduation, too. That there was something abou that... That things dragged out.. Things dragged longer.. It took longer than expected for her qualification to come through.

Something about signing off on the last skill that she needed. Something about needing something to be signed off with kids. That she didn't like working with kids in the scanners. She was having trouble with that...

About how teh people she needed to work with, then, in her entry level job, they were horrible to her. Bullying etc.

About how she didn't try and get a job in teh private sector for quite some time because her friend left the public for a private job and then was bullied very very horribly by the small few people there wer ein teh private job and since she left the public... They were snobbing her and not getting her any shifts in the public sector anymore...


People, generally... Are not happy in NZL.


So someone... Moving stock feed...

There are different routes you could go.

The Harbor Bridge has a tonnage limit on how heavy the trucks are that are allowed over it.

To preserve teh infra-structure. But going around adds a lot of time to the journey...

And you get paid to deliver x tonnage of stock feed from one destination to the other. ANd that's how much you get paid.

And so the logistics.. How many trucks? how many drivers? How many hours of work?

Well... That depends on whether you tell? ask? your drivers to drive unlawfully over the harbor bridge.

Can you turn a reasonable profit both ways?
Or is only one way going to get you a profit?

But now you need to pay off the councili or someone -- right?

So they don't target you with fees for being over tonnage on the bridge.

Because they gotta know... They'll be hearing the trucks accelerate up the bridge becuase it is quite steep in parts...


This is how NZL ensures that development doesn't occur.

NO point investing in infrastructure.

Plenty of pretty girls willing to pass themselves off as...

Whatever you want / need.

ANd investment in the future doesn't pay off.

Which is just another way of saying NZL refuses to invest in the future.

Which is just another way of sayign NZL chooses to invest in their being no future.


Only a dead end.


Oh it's just a joy to live here. Be surrounded by that.

Not be allowed to help anything develop for the better.

Be forced to slave as a slave.


That's the only way.


The only way we ensure premature death failure to thrive no development.


All the nursing graduates.... I know... They didn't process their enrolment / completion / they didn't give them their degree. They didn't publically advertise jobs. They refused to hire them for the jobs...

They force them to repeat the year repeat the year repeat the year..

How about some part time work giving swabs???


we don't have a health system.

We have a very corrupt administration who will never change.

Not volutnarily.




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