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Re: euthanasia drugs

Posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 19:42:21

In reply to euthanasia drugs, posted by alexandra_k on August 22, 2021, at 19:28:39

it is just beyond a joke that new zealand markets itself as being (to internationals and domestics both) a 'developed' nation.

it is not a developed nation, at all.

we do not have access to many of the products of civilisation.

mostly it is that we refuse to get with the programme. we refuse to get on board with the programme.

we refuse to work to uphold the rights of our people.

we refuse to work to have better health and education and so on for our people.

certain people want to win the jackpot and have considerably more than everyone else so they can bully and force everyone else to be puppets for them.

and nobody else can function because they made it their lives work and they grubbity grub grub grubbed enough resources to prevent and prohibit and obstruct anything much else than sittin garoudn and singing their praises all day.

or you know...

you can sit around and bitch and moan and complain and prevent and prohibit.

just the... babel.

that is new zealand.

too many with a god complex.

the babel that is new zealand.

how they manage.. in a country where pretty much everyone speaks english... likely a greater proportion of people speak englislh in NZ than speak english in england... I think that is likely (with immigration)...

for absolutely nothing to make any sense.

it's not about speaking english... i t's about something different entirely.


the new zealand government is somehow (i don't understand) making more money during lock-down.

it is to their advantage to keep things locked down.

there is a..


castle defense. i guess. a castle defense about it.

here comes the covid.

a lot of the foreign medical troops are already heere...

not really. some of them are...

i imagine quite a few will come via fiji.

i wonder if samoa managed to do peeaceful negotiations so as to miss that hit.

i really and genuinely hope that they did. it would be only fair after the mmr vaccine farce NZL orchestrated with refusing to train their people to do that...

i think nzl is going ot be more like fiji than like samoa...




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