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Re: our economy does better during lock-down

Posted by alexandra_k on August 21, 2021, at 18:57:54

In reply to our economy does better during lock-down, posted by alexandra_k on August 21, 2021, at 18:39:00

They admit fully that they get to see what happens in various other parts of the world before deciding how they are going to do things...

But it is more that they get to see... One line. One version. One idea.. Of what happened. One version of the story...

And make more of an informed choice.. A more informed choice... Than they would be in the position to make without the benefit of a little slice of history...


For instance...

I was concerned about why there was a hospital merger. Lifespan merging with a public hospital. Why? Why? Why?

Was the private hospital thinking how to make more money off of the public sector... Maybe... Taking organs from the poor and sort of effectively selling them to the rich with transplants or...

And then I saw that it meant the merged hospital meant the members of the board of the merged hospital (so these people who were on the board of the private hospital before) now have access to vaccines.

Because the vaccines were initially distributed in the public sector -- right? So that means the people on the board of the private hospital could get their hands on vaccines early by being members on the board of a private public merged hospital. Or whatever.

And I thought maybe the merger was a 'what is in it for us' scenario or situation for the private people... Those with every privaledge and advantage already.. At the expense of the public. At the expense of those worst off...

That was my concern. My fear or whatever.


But since... There have been inklings.. Of some things being.. Genuinely.. Worked through.

Trying to geniunely work through some things. For improvement.

Sorting out a terribly dysfunctional hospital... Trying.


And of course...

To realise that...

In that part of the world...

The people sitting on the board of the private hospital...

Mostly likely...

Would have had the opportunity...

Months and months and months before anything was distributed federally...

To participate in very very very early trials of vaccines.

Say, Moderna, coming out of Boston.

So it isn't plausible to think, at all...

That they would do something so major as merging a hospital... For access to vaccines...

When, if they were so much wanting vaccines. Those people in that position most likely would have been able to have accessed them much earlier.






What did our leaders choose to see?

From the news. Where the members of the board took vaccines earlier than the front line workers (first, ahead of their turn) and said 'we weren't breaking any laws'.. And there was some murmering about how 'even if you weren't breaking any laws it undermines public confidence in you using your position... Well not using your position to profit yourself at others expense'. About how it wasn't a good look. It wasn't a good look. Even if it wasn't breaking laws. It wasn't a good look. Fro the members of the board to have their vaccines first.

They had them first publically.



That was BEFORE half the Auckland District Health Board had their vaccines first.

Not publically. Behind closed doors. Because they learned enough from how things went down overseas to not do that publically.

That's the informed consenting decision that half the members of the Auckland district health board board... Made. What was right for them. To take their vaccine early.

They signed something apparently. To say that they were legtimately group 1.


I do hope that is grounds for them never to be employed as public servants again.

Not in any position of any decision making power... That is really to say not in any position at all.


They reckon the public sector needs to pay them that much becuase they'd be making more money in the private sector.

Well.. NZL cannot say it has an over-developed private sector. So, then. Off you go.




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