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lorde solar powered

Posted by alexandra_k on August 20, 2021, at 23:11:39

great song

yeah. for real.

i see why the usa funded it (and not new zealand).

let the people die of skin cancer from the solar power they got going on (most preventable type of cancer with screening)...

while they refuse to power the country with clean green energy (let them burn coal! let them burn more coal! let them fire up the third coal powerplant to keep the people warm during winter!)

while the people die of depression during winter...

and die of skin cancer over summer...

huffer got it right

(when you ain't huffing glue)

'another day in paradise'

and another
and another
and another
and 1 year after the northern hemisphere (and china) led the way on pandemic and epidemic preparedness...

let's see...

don't wear an N95 mask because it's not fair we couldn't (wouldn't) secure them for our front line workers.

other nations are saying 80 per cent of the people to be vaccinated before coming out of lock-down.

that's the crucial stat right now.

because: what proportion or percentage of new zealand do our leaders find to be expendible?

they are going to try and fudge the vaccination stats by giving the likes of ashley bloomfield... 2+ 3+ however many booster shots more... they'll vaccinate his teenage sons...

all to conceal the fact that...

1/2 our population?

3/4 of our population?


is considered expendible -- by the government.

we wont' have 80 percent of -- what???

the people?

the 'eligible people' vaccinated before we open.


solar powered... yeah. let them die of skin cancer.

it's... different... from the cohh carnage and fallout inspired bunker system... i'll give it that...




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