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Re: vaccine

Posted by alexandra_k on August 20, 2021, at 17:56:35

In reply to Re: vaccine, posted by alexandra_k on August 20, 2021, at 17:47:10

i mean i understand it is literally sent in little packets via one route where the route by which it is sent can be rerouted...

i just mean that where my essay as at 2:10:34 pm on a Monday is likely... stored (completely, that is to say in full) on physical servers in different locations.

so that if there was a terrorist attack on a server farm, for instance, then it wouldn't result in the loss of any information.

it would only result in the loss of a copy. that could be restored.

i would imagine something like that.

but of course this is security stuff... and you need not know..

better for everyone if we don't know. whatever.


there was a security update that apparently doesn't do anything... i guess the thing is that if they tell you what it's doing that sort of goes some way towards undermining its ability to do what it does...

it resulted in my password changing. from a mac password to a new password... that wants me to link to google...

i get pretty pissy about all the passwords... as you are supposed to...

so you give them your face and your fingerprint. a scan of a barcode microshipped into your jaw bone from when they removed your wisdom teeth... you get the idea...

mac wants your gmail password. google drive won't back up your documents (for YOU to access them later) unless you get your google password on your operating system.... etc etc... everybody wants all of your passwords..

but you are not allowed to make them all the same password...

you are required to pick a password that YOU will have trouble remembering...

so who will you give your keychain password to? you know.. the password that you use to access your other passwords???


fun and games.

shutting people out of their own data.

while forcing them to give you more and more and more and morea...




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