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Re: dirty surgical equipment

Posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 14:23:53

In reply to dirty surgical equipment, posted by alexandra_k on July 5, 2021, at 14:06:04

i remember there was this thing about pbrf funding. performance based research funding. what was the measure of performance? it was publications, i thought. where the journals were even ranked a little bit and international publications were worth more than domestic. and there was points awarded to something to do with how many people cited you.

it was a bit of a joke, in philosophy, about how just because people keep citing you doesn't mean they think your work is of much value.

for example, i have recently cited Peter Crampton quite extensively because it is remarkable how he sort of self-confesses much of what goes on believing that he can say what he wants and be above the law. about how there is no accountability (that is to say he is not accountable) for the funds that he administrates. things like that. of course it's disguised between a dense thicket of impenatrible text becuase he thinks he's clever

half a million for him
half a million for him
half a million for him

but he wasn't capable of understanding our common humanity in another professors talk. he basically said something about how usually he would start of by saying about all the money that the person brought in but this person didn't really bring in any money so his being granted professor was delayed.

i guess you gotta figure a way to sell organs to make professor early.

bout dem blood products, hey.


the un is saying nz needs to do something about the child sex trafficking thing.

becuase you know yawn if the un didn't need to stand over nz and play f*ck*ng state the obvious.

they refuse to send a delegate to the un who is an indigenous delegate. the party line (of the mini-hate aka both governments) is that maaori don't have rights becuase they have the treaty. and signing the treaty was them giving up their natural rights? and carrots cabbages potatoes. squabble squawk bicker moan. it isn't culturally appropriate for your children to learn reading writing and arithmetic. etc etc etc.

half a million for me
half a million for me
half a million for me
half a million for that maaori guy over there...
in the name of equity

and generations of maaori children to be intentionally placed into abusive situations by the government.

who does the government hire to look after the children?

well it's that thing again. not of hiring the best person for the job but of hiring the person who fits in with the culture.

the pedophile culture.

of course.

one of our government workers working one of her jobs (times are so tough i think that 10 per cent of our people do ALL of the work or collect up all of the money for workign 3, 4, 5 CE jobs. you need a couple in the wings, you see, for when you might lose your government job because after i don't know 12 years the courts might say 'removal from office for gross incompetence and abuse of your position' and then you'll be suck only being able to collect on the other 3, 4..

little inklings of try?


just keep throwing money at peter crampton (and it's imitators) to refuse to administer councelling funds.

the main goal is that councellors won't get paid.

administrators and gps will get paid to make sure that councellors dno't (that would be good jobs for good people).

and most importantly the kids who are being abused can only talk to people who will further abuse them.

that's the plan -- right?

for keeping the child traficking abusing thing that is nz's world renowned leadership posistion? back when helen clarke went to the un and they said 'hey about those child abuse problems you have in nz'

well they've really did everything tehy could to invest in growing that.

and allowing people to launder money in. refusing to uphold internet laws. i guess that's about the child porn online thing. all the visa exemptions for rich people. who die and throw their money into kidscan? how plausible is that? no. how plausible is that really?

they have this view that you have to be corrupt...


because... they are.

it's how they chose to be.

so... hell on earth it must be.

good job for them. well done.


why did we get vaccine? i guess so they could monitor what we did with it. i don't know. i don't know what the government was forced to do for it.

comply more with world directives on climate and so on.

because we refuse to do the most basic of 'try'.





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