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Posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 18:35:48

In reply to I RETURNED TO NZ IN 2012..., posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 18:29:34

That's more than 10 years.

I have no peers in New Zealand.

The whole thing is about this idea that people have of 'settling'.

Because of this whole thing people have.

This idea or ideology of things being a hierarchy.

ANd there being ONE objective place or location or thing that is the apex or pinnacle of that hierarchy.

And this idea that people have of a place on that hierarchy that is determined by factors outisde your control that determine -- that have determined that I am not high enough on that hierarchy to study medicine in new zeealand.

that that was too much of a reach for me.

That the problem was that i reached for something beyond my nature or my capacity.

that other people (people with more capacity than me) have this innate or natural ability to distringuish or discriminate or discren the quality or value of a person such that they know their natural place on the hierarchy of life whereby medicine is a high up thing to do but alex is only a very lowly pesant whose natural place is to be our little bitch being abused by us living in our mouldy houses in conditions of overcorwing and abuse only.

and the fact that she doesn't get or understand that...


yeah. that's how they view it.


and all things lead to the same place anyway (in case they are wrong about your capacity).

all things lead the possibility of becoming cheif administrator of the adminsitatrations adminstarating manergialness.

whether you do management or nursing. whether you start a cleaning company (pay ya later). all roads lead to the same possibility....

of being identified as a psychopath.

an abuser of the vulnerable.

a grubber of the money.

so you can be chief executive of whatever. doesn't matter. paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by the nz government to inhibit and prevent teh developmetn of new zealand.

so, if they were wrong about you. your place on teh hierarchy. it's okay, right, because you can redeem with your psychopathy.


is how they view it.


they think they are gods.




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