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don't do business with new zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on July 22, 2020, at 0:37:44

by the way.

not if you have a choice.

it's not worth it.

for example, if you look at a degree program and you go 'wow, it's a 3 year degree rather than a 4 year degree that will save me 1 whole year in fees. also it's cheap cheapity cheap cheap much cheaper than a degree in australia or canada or the uk or the us...'

but then you have to factor in the fact that they won't actually give you the degree until 6 or so years have passed... if at all... they won't grade things according to international standards... they will mix up your grades for their own purposes... typically so you get 'only just enough' to do whatever programme of study with them they think you should do (and not quite enough to go elsewhere)...

and then the legal fees. to hire a lawyer to take them to court to make them give you the degree you earned...

it's just not worth trying to do business with us.

many international studnets cut their losses and split / pull out.

our universities in new zealand think, somehow, it makes them better. that the treat their students like complete and utter garbage. that they don't respect their intellectual property. that they treat them as intellectually handicapped infants.

while the plummet in the overseas rankings as overseas academics get sick and f*ck*ng tired of them refusing to base outcomes of examination on reports of examiners. refusing to get quality reports back in a timely fashion when commissioned for examination. holding things up and slowing things down unnecessarily so they can write the student out and replace the studnets work with their own thoughts and ideas that they don't get written up and out to journals... instead giving their work to studnets and getting it out to academia in that way... as the studnets life work that they have approved of...

f*ck*ng farce




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