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Re: and the people we experimented on...

Posted by alexandra_k on May 5, 2020, at 8:29:25

In reply to and the people we experimented on..., posted by alexandra_k on May 5, 2020, at 7:55:19

It is just so f*ck*ng insulting.

I give more than a dozen talks to international audienced (in NZ, Australia, the USA).

I come back to NZ.

I come back to NZ willing to eat humble pie and learn from science people and medical people and wanting to learn medicine.

And then the philosophy people turn on me and treat me like I'm intellectually handicapped that I chose to come back here...

ANd after however many years of being treated as a retarded child I guess I'm basically forced to concurr. I must indeed have bene some kind of retarded child to have returned to New Zealand and truste that people would continue to process my work by international standarsd.

We refuse to apply internatinoal standards.

Teh world cannot trust us to do good business in that respect.

Things are too corrupt here. Peole have picked out their mighty leaders and they will fail out anyone who makes them look less competent / less adept.

Otherwise it would be racist -- right?

Because there arent' any Maaori with any actual competentce -- right?

just the inept leader of maaori -- right?

Otherwise it woudl only be racist to not allow any members of the race to be processed / to progress -- right?

we must pick all and only those most adept at holding their people back.

And why would you expect any differnt from the indept white people children of mighty leaders and most entitled?

that would be racist -- right?

let mighty inept children of mightly leaders rule together in the name of holding their people back for gernations ho!!

and of course; wehre does that money go.

grubbity grub grubgrub




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