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just having trouble coming to terms...

Posted by alexandra_k on May 5, 2020, at 5:44:21

The leaders in NZ are having trouble coming to terms with the idea of independence for Hong Kong or with Taiwan because the leaders of NZ want to be dealing with...

The leaders of various countries. The leader of Australia (as a layer upon states). The leader of the USA (again, as a layer upon states).

Our leaders in Wellington do not like the idea of interacting with / doing business with various state leaders.

The leader of Hong Kong.

The leader of Taiwan.

The leader of teh state of New South Wales.

The leader of the state of Victoria.

The leader of the state of North Carolina...

That's been a problem. A reluctance to come to terms.

It was thought that the development of NZ was that our government in Wellington (our state government, if you like) was a federal government of sorts. That our regions would develop into states. So.. With a population of 4ish million we set about creating a bloated system of governance, indeed.

And the whole thing was about growing / increasing apopulatin to better justify state-status of the regions.

Only, of course, we need to realise taht Hong Kong is a popuatlion of...?? How about the City-State of NY???

There are states that have health systems in teh US. We don't have that. We have regional tribes who hoard the money and the supplies and... It really isnt' much above the corruption in South Africa.

But I get, now, why the 'federal government' (haha) of Wellington is so reluctant to see itself rightly... As leader of a city-state that is independent.

Like Hong Kong or Taiwan. Not answerable to the leader of China. The leader of Australia. The leader of the US. Indepenent. That's what it means to be indepenent. Not aligned. Not under the rule of. For better or worse.

But liek those city-states.

Not like a country of 4x 6x 8x f*ck*ng so very f*ck*ng many times the times of the populations of what we have.

NZ has been punching above it's weight on teh world stage.

Not to it's credit.

And it will nto support similar positionings from Hong Kong and Taiwan... To it's detriment and ... ULtimate contradition, abrsurdity, failure.

Get with the f*ck*ng program, already.




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