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the big f*ck*ng sham of things

Posted by alexandra_k on April 28, 2020, at 19:21:03

it shows up the big f*ck*ng sham of things

how some students get signed off when they haven't done the work.

because whatever it was that they were supposed to have to get to go and do the next thing was always going to them and they were always going to get to go and do that.

so people are given passing grades or courses.
or passing degrees for courses.
passing certificates.
so they can go on and do the very next thing.

but not for other people.
other people are told that they don't get examined this year.
they don't qualify to complete their course this year.
their course isn't going to be examined anymore.
so no degree for them.
no certifiation for them.
thanks for all the money and time and effort you invested in your education...
no degree for you
go away
you lose.

just wow.

it shows that up.

how we don't examine / assess anything anymore.

i know, i'm supposed to go 'but wait! maybe that means i wasn't assessed properly before! maybe the reason why nobody will acknowledge my previous grades and calculate my GPA properly is because my previous grades are every bit as much rubbish as the grades given to the kids who bribed the foreign officials to get out of their elective placements!'

but it used to be the case that the people who wrote high quality textbooks wrote high quality multiple choice examination to be used in conjunction with the high quality textbook. because we wanted the students to be able to read and retain and form inferences on the basis of the information that we taught them.

reading comprehension kinds of skills in other words.

my grades (in psychology anyway) were from those kinds of examinations that were actually plenty competitive at undergraduate level because people were working hard to try and earn a place in clinical psychology program.

and none of the content of psychology was stuff that was only taught to some depending on their high school. so it was a level playing field in that sense.

so i don't buy it.

but always with the constant stream of 'no because of b*llsh*t made up excuse'...

of course the only reason they hire armies of administrators and people to process applications to enrol and the like...

is to waste time and throw applications out and make sure they aren't processed properly and the like. that's why they pay them so very very much. so their grubby grubby selves feel special that they get to do such a big and important job.

making sure the psychopaths and incompetents reign with tehir peers.

oh what joy!




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