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Re: the mobbing of the lonesome stranger

Posted by alexandra_k on April 28, 2020, at 13:53:49

In reply to the mobbing of the lonesome stranger, posted by alexandra_k on April 28, 2020, at 13:28:41

it's just pointless, me being here.

i mean, i didn't come back here, to do philosophy.

philosophy isn't really done, here. and i can't really do philosophy, here.

i'm expected to hang about them and hang off their every word and be all like 'oh wow you are amazing and so amazingly smart and i don't know anything and i have so many unanswered questions and i want nothing more than to hang about your feet all day like you are Jesus and write up everything you have to say about all topics'.

which isn't very fun for me, really.

especially when i don't agree with what they have to say about various things much of the time.

when i am even interested in the things they purport to care about.

i say purport to care about because they seem more interested in doing non-philosphy things, anyway. i mean it's just a job to them, right. pays their bills.

and people won't acknowledge my contribution to that.

the fact that i got my work done, in a timely fashion. which nobody is allowed to do. becuase you have to be a slow worker to be allowed to do the arts in NZ, now.

you have to go 'yes the problem is all the dead wood professors that we have who have all the jobs who don't produce anything but have the jobs and nobody will get hired until these people die'.

and long to join them. long to be a piece of dead wood yourself.

because people were goign on about dead wood back when i was an undergrdaute in philospohy. that that was the situation. that was what that was about.

and now i see... many of them are still there. and new pieces of dead wood.

and i guess they made it. that was what they wanted in life.

they are being paid to do philosphy.

or to prevent philosophy from being done.

or something.

because we are only allowed to be 'you like vanilla and i like chocolate and i am not sure that we can be friends because you are differnt from me and now i'm having a trantrum' minders.

mob rule.

we must all be the same.

sign them up for antimalerial trials then.

dem germs.

all the same.

all the people need all the thigns to be all the same all the time.

equality of what???????????

equality of what???????????

health. and health outcomes. equality of health outcomes means we are all the same. means as many non-maori die of colon cancer as maori otherwise it's not fair! nobody is allowed to do any better than this one that we kept hidden away and beat over the head each and every day that we hail as mighty leader of the back and the bottom and we will all just hang about all day with his god as our idol that nobody is allowed to be any differnet from.

we'll just all sit about in a group all day with each oher. togher. getting nothing done. doing nothing. not being any different at all from the... doll. cardboard cut out. carving of an idol.

everything always the same.

i wonder how the educational packets are working. apparently they are tailored to the kiddies. some kiddies get chalk and some other kiddies get books. some kiddies might even get something to do with numbers.

the most important thing is that we have control over the situation and we make sure that people are forced to do the things that they are least suited to and so on...

mostly it's just about imposing our will.

because we can.

and then... delighting and revelling in that.

why wouldn't you... if you can get away with it?

I can!

But I can get away with it!

That's what it means to have made it in life in these parts, I think.

Everybody is usposed to aim or aspire or long or whatever for that.

To be able to do and get away with whatever atrocities they like!

Just because they like!

They don't actually want to be in a country with accountability or fair and just rule of law.


To each their own?

Why should I have to stay here in psychopath land when it's a land of their making and their desire and their ideology?

I'm sorry they got droppe don thier head or whatever they did.

But it's not my fault.

And I don't have the capacity to play mommy. I just don't.

It is a pointless waste of time my existence, here.




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