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Re: education is wasted on the young

Posted by alexandra_k on March 6, 2020, at 14:35:53

In reply to Re: education is wasted on the young, posted by alexandra_k on March 6, 2020, at 14:26:08

I saw that Brown has some places in Medicine given to school leavers.
They are accepted to study as undergraduates and do their undergraduate degree at Brown.
Then they will go on to Medicine at Brown.
I saw that there is a 'pass - fail' undergraduate curriclum, too.

And I think...
It all depends.

For a intelligent student with a curious mind who is well motivated to make the very most of their college opporunities and go on to study Medicine and genuinely help people...

It means they can take some time learning the language.
Like how some Autism people are slow to speak.
Because they are overloaded / overwhelmed by the masses and masses of words.
But when they do speak their vocabulary is much much higher than the kids who started speaking earlier with only 2 or 3 words.
Because that learning period can be when you might bomb, you see.
When I bomb in this part of the world because while I'll know most things when I see them on multi-guess I'm not able to write an essay on it yet.
Or while I could identify errors in the cardiac graph you gave me...
While I could explain teh graph, while I understand the graph,
I could not duplicate it on .7mm lined paper.

And they can take courses in sociology and philsophy and English and those kinds of things and not worry too much that the studnets majoring in those things might well write more thoughtful essays because of the amount of time and energy and effort that they devoted to their priority courses.

And the relax (rather than stress) that comes from feeling like your future and your trajectory is secure.
Some people thrive / do better under secure conditions.
Rather than under conditions of... Slavery.

So I see that all of that could be a wonderful gift to the right person.

And then I think on how it could all be a terrible thing, indeed, to a little sh*t who is just walking into their birth right.

Who sees it as permission to slack off.

And it depends.

And I guess I wonder how much they people trade.

E.g., taking money from fee paying rich studnets to subsidise the above kinds of offers for peple who are really smart and motivated but don't have money.

HOw much they go 'we will train 5 rich peoples snotty kids so that we can fund 10 not rich peoples smart and motivated kids'

I wonder how it all goes down.

I hear there are 2 classes of people at Univerity, often.

It feels that way here.

Rule: House wins.




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