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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by alexandra_k on November 29, 2019, at 22:59:17

In reply to Re: Happy Thanksgiving, posted by alexandra_k on November 29, 2019, at 22:43:48

I wrote to the Queen.

Apparently my half sister wrote to the Queen. Because she was not doing so well. She was not coping. Beacause she wanted some help. So she wrote to the Queen and said something psychotic (not threatening or anything but delusional seeming) and someone from England on behalf of the Queen I guess contacted authories in New Zealand... Police, I think... And so then the Waikato District Health Board did an assessment and she was an inpatient for a time and she got some help and apparently she is doing better now and has a key worker and stuff.

So I wrote to the Queen.

To ask that the Queens Council prosecute the University for refusing to confer my qualification as University Regulations require them to do. I suppose there are many many other students. What happens is the University says that the student is required to 're-enrol and re-submit' routinely as a matter of course. It doesn't matter what the reports of the examiners say. I mean, reports of examiners always say make x and y and z change because examiners always feel the need to piss on a corner of a creative work (and usually there are typos or more references or whatever that can be done).. But the University always says 'you are required to hand over to us the maximum amount of money that can be handed over to us before we will allow you to complete your qualification'. They don't say that. But they DO that. That is what they do. Routinely as a matter of course.

And I didn't.

Because for Med they said you needed to have completed normally in the minimum time... And because last year they didn't calcualte my GPA according to their standard algorithm in an effort to exclude me. I was pretty sure if I took longer than the standard time they would use that as an excuse to exclude me. Because, you know, I didn't make the requisite donation to Hospice or St Johns. Because, you know, it is supposed to be random and a matter of luck. Because, you know, they want young and naieve studnets who they can get slaving for the District Health Boards for many years while the University refuses to sign them off on their qualification. Because, you know, the University will just keep failing you / making you repeat for the maximum time in order to extract the maximum possible fees...


If you balk.

If you don't keep your mouth shut and do as you are told...

Well then they will just not give you your Degree at all.


What are you going to do about it?

I think that probably what should happen is that the people who demonstrated unwillingness / inability to do their job should be removed from their job. Should pay back the pay they received while they refused to do thier job. So, the Dean. The VC.

If they can't replace them with people capable of understanding University Regulations then I guess they need to stop taking new students. They need to distribute the sign off of the current students to other places.

When Christchurch was bombed. Or when tehre was an earthquake or whatever whatever happened to it I think students were shipped around all over so they could finish up.

Something like that.

Maybe we do need more satallite universities from places that have the willingness / ability to do the whole Degree thing properly.

We just throw away our research outputs. Give them to external examiners. Refuse to lodge them in the library. Or only lodge them in teh library after marketing the students as retarded and incapable of working to time. After working the thesis into a post-modernist generated over-edited mush of ideas from everybody pissing all over it for 2x the standard time.

At least NEw Zealanders are coming to see why it would be irresponsible for drug companies to give our doctors access to the latest medications.

They just gutted everything.

F*ck*ng psychos




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