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Re: corruption in education

Posted by alexandra_k on November 2, 2019, at 18:02:40

In reply to Re: corruption in education, posted by alexandra_k on November 2, 2019, at 17:42:07

It will be curious to see.

They say 'awwwwwwww there are so many more wonderful people who want to do it than there are places and so it is inevitable that some really wonderfully gifted and talented and hardworking people will miss out'.

except they don't actually say the bit about hard work because everyone knows that the only reason you want to be a GP in NZ is for the lifestyle. The work like balance that means no work and lots of money for things like small planes and horses and travel and the like.

first round goes to people selected from secondary school.

Carrington College mostly at Otago. That's the residential hall for the students who are academically focused. I don't suppose the Carrington College students will be found dead for 4 weeks with nobody noticing.

I don't know how they choose who gets the funded scholarship for their fees to be paid and their residential hall fees to be paid. NCEA (New Zealand Education system) everybody gets an A which stands for Achieved and you either Achieve or you do not Achieve and since people at University have all Achieved the things they needed to Achieve for entry...

What decides the hierarchy?

Not GPA anymore...

So how do they decide who gets the scholarship?

Well rounded people in the name of equity.

I see. A little of 'who is your Daddy'.

The problem is: This is a PUBLIC University not a PRIVATE university. I understand that PRIVATE Univesities reserve however many places for that kind of thing. In complex ways.

The problem is: That is not what is going on, here.

What have the GPs in NZ done for the health of NZers?

Things have been developing BACKWARDS in this country. Things have gotten WORSE on their watch.

As the developed world receeded (as we supposedly gained more autonomy) e.g., as England no longer ran our highest court of appeal...

Things got worse here. The psychopaths and bullies were unchecked.

We don't have internal balance of power.

We have not very bright and not very hardworking kids who get all the things. The idea is to keep things scrambled so people don't see (or are too afraid to speak up). The idea is that it is okay because it is what anybody would do (if they thought they could get away with it).

Which makes this a land for psychopaths to flourish.

I already know that you get to do it and you look around and wonder how the hell this or that or the next kid got to. And then you look around outside and see all thse amazing kids who werent' selected to do it.

And that's the problem.

That's precisely why they select them early. Keep them in 'exclusive' environments. Keep them away from everybody else. Make sure they get to do it before other people realise that they aren't the most talented / hardworking.

Instead of working to develop the education system to track things better...

People just don't get egalitarianism. Chickens. Their hierarchy. People go about in little clumps.




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