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trying to pinpoint the exact moment...

Posted by alexandra_k on October 10, 2019, at 13:19:59

When I should have refused to further engage with Waikato.

I think it was when they refused to base the outcome of examination on the reports of the examiners.


I did what was required for the outcome that should have been delivered. I did the work and got it to my supervisor / the Dean to get it to the examiners. They refused.

That was when I should have refused to interact any further with them because things only deteriorated further still. 'And what are you going to do about it?' I ended up getting caught up in the name calling and so on... It's the classic thing of how you need to simply leave an abusive relationship. Because it never will improve insofar as the power imbalance remains. The only thing you can do is to turn and walk away.

Only... How is turning and walking away getting me signed off? Only... How is not turning and walking away getting me signed off? Once they started violating regulations (and getting away with it) the violations only came thicker and faster. It was not the case at all that complying with what they said was actually resulting in them helping me towards my end / goal (by doing their jobs, I mean).

And trying to think of objectively... Objectively... What a wise judge would think I should do / have done in such circumstances. Trying to think of that and do that to the best of my ability because the University has given me no reason to believe they are willing / able to do this internally.

In my 6 month review they have my thesis submission date as 30 June 2019. In other words, they decided before my thesis went out for examination that they would not accept a thesis from me until it was at least 2 months late. They did not base that decision on the reports of the examiners. They based that decision on doign everything they could to only give me the degree once they rendered it late because I needed to have the degree completed on time.

Nobody is allowed to complete degrees on time.

We are all forced to be intellectually handicapped inept incapable not producing.

Otherwise we will not be given our graduate research degrees.




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