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Re: and so it begins

Posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2018, at 19:18:56

In reply to Re: and so it begins, posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2018, at 5:52:29

So, I think it's a public school (including public university) thing, here. Office365 is something the school got thrown at it, for free, so they offer it to students to download to their personal computers, for free.

Only you are supposed to play ball. You know, train your system (that 'university IT' now has administrator access to) to recognise your face, give it all your logins for everything you have, and so on and so forth...

Then everything you do can be monitored... Because you need to do your work online... That's why no books for the poor, really, if we can't see them doing stuff on their computer they aren't doing stuff at all (so as we can measure / so as we care about that / so we credit it as work)... Because it's about keeping the bums on the seats...

And they log in with their name. Or they don't have access. And of course the university is their company who owns the copyright on everything they did with their free software.

And they leave school and find they are locked out of all of their stuff.

They scare into purchasing Office365 for themselves... Only to find it's 'read only' or whatever it is. Because the University owns any document that was first opened during student days.

That's what 'empowerment' looks like, people. Somebody 'owns' something, that's for sure.

I've figured a workaround. But it's f*ck*ng tiresome dealing with this sh*t...

It's the Romans. I found Machievelli (sp). That's the inspiration behind much of it, I think. Economics. The idea of growing a business. Conquering others. Expansion. And so on. Whereas I'm more into the Greeks. Plato. Developing the ideal of what things should be and then working towards that.

He's full of all kinds of practical advice. HOw to keep your advisors loyal to you you need to leave their women to them... Leave their harem to them... Perks of the job, or something... And how to use mercenaries to your advantage. Its a different view of life. For sure. It is very... Adolescent male. It reminds me of sealions and so on who chase the young males away because they are unruly and they eat too much and so on. And they band together and playfight and so on to build up strength. Then take on the alpha males of the group for their very own harem when they are big enough.

If that really is male nature... If people will do that... Over and over and over... If most people are hardwired to that (and you really can't keep most people locked up to prevent it.) I dont know... That's how civilisation goes? When things progress too much for indivdidual rights and liberties and the arts and culture gets too good (you start ot think the world is like that and there is no threat) you get it handed to you by barbarians. Over and over...

Because that really is how a great number of people like to live.




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