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Re: happy holidays maybe

Posted by alexandra_k on December 15, 2017, at 17:36:47

In reply to Re: happy holidays maybe, posted by baseball55 on December 15, 2017, at 17:04:35

> Have a good time with your friends, then. Do not despair if you are not accepted. Life presents us with many disappointments but also many strengths to weather those disappointments.

Thanks, Baseball.

I've been weathering...

It is about having the power to look after myself. Nobody else will look after me, I get that. But then I need to be granted the power to look after myself. Knowledge is power, as the saying goes. A medical education is the best shot anyone has got at being able to exercise informed consent as to what happens to this body in life...

I think.

And then some things money can't buy...

Then what is is to live a meaningful life... What I've come to on that. After being... Subjected to... A variety of 'treatments'. Because I did emplore people to help me... Because I didn't know what to do to help myself...

And then people deciding what is best for me - which so very often involves them negating / denying / claming the exact opposite of every single thing I just said. E.g., I say 'I just need a quiet place so I can get on with my work' and other people hear 'Alex needs lots of people around her because she's lonely and would rather play all day'

I am quietly optimistic.

The alternative... A life on disability (welfare) in NZ... Being forced to associate with known criminals and drug dealers etc etc... Is no kind of life, for me. Enough.

NZ: It's Not Working.

Time for a change:

I may have found a house... It's very much the worst house (well, unit, really) on a really pleasant street. One over from the beach. Location, location, location. I'm traumatized over 'mesh block units' and over 'you are the sum total of the 100 or 200 or whatever people who comprise your mesh block unit' and how prioritisation of power and aid in emergency and so on and so forth is done according to mesh block unit...

I was reading on how (economically) worst house on best street isn't the way to go. But it's about the schooling zones... It's about whether it really is the sound of (few and far between) *happy* kids playing... It's about whether there might be a lawyer to *make that noise stop* or *stop that condo development* or whatever...

It would be nice to live in a nice neighbourhood...

Sometimes... Autism is the rational solution.





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