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Re: So what have you been doing? Clearskies

Posted by alexandra_k on July 29, 2017, at 23:08:54

In reply to So what have you been doing?, posted by Clearskies on July 25, 2017, at 16:51:46

Same old. Did okay last semester. Feeling pretty anxious about this one. Have a grade target which involves some hard work. Also have this appeal on my application to try and work out. That's signifciantly harder since it's unclear what I'm supposed to do and whether or not there actually is anything I can do that will make a difference.

I've been going to talks. I think I will stop going to talks. I enjoy hearing intelligent people talk about the projects they are working on when they have a genuine interest in their project. I feel that the talks have become less about that, though, and more about... Watching the effects of money being pushed around... People taking their piece of the pie. People giving a talk so they can say that they did that for their piece of the pie...

I have to do public health again, which is about as horrible as I remember it being, before. A certain amount of meaning blindness (perhaps a bullet to the frontal lobes) seems required to remember and spout back such gems as 'a NZ Dep score is not a label!!' I guess it is hard because it seems... So very rudimentary, here. Policy and so on really was rather a lot more developed in Australia. I mean, there are government commissioned reports on various things that you can read and the reports seem genuine, articulate, intelligent etc. I'm not saying the government acts upon them... But those things really can't be said about the state of our reports... Policies... Ideologies... Bullet to the frontal lobe, indeed.

Biochemistry is rather more fun. At least, haemoglobin seems to be. And there aren't so very many amino acids (not like all the freaking reactions I was supposed to learn for chemistry). Though I suppose we haven't got to metabolic pathways, yet. Labs are fairly horrid (with their calculations and procedures all to be done in a noisy huddle). I actually... Learned a lot from one of the guys in my lab last semester about how to handle labs... I'm lucky that my lab partner seems to actually know what she is doing and after I was all like 'thanks for your help' (genuine smiles) she really doesn't seem to mind me. As I didn't seem to mind helping him (at times) last semester :-)

Pathology is kind of weird... I don't know what happens with that, but the teaching falls out. They go 'oh, most of you are learning that in this other course over here' and so then they think that they can free-load sensible examination answers out of the other courses top students. That's a feature of 2nd year science courses, it seems. To have big chunks of... dubiously presented content. I'm not taking that other class... And I see that textbooks vary on what interleukins etc are involved in various things... So I really don't know what they want from us... The random factor? Things wouldn't be equitable without the random factor...

Rant. Sorry. I miss this place for helping me process my thoughts.

I suppose I should grieve for it, really.

I'll be okay. Just having a particularly bad day today. Monthly related. Same old with me.




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