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Re: I might be moving Angela2

Posted by alexandra_k on October 25, 2013, at 23:12:40

In reply to Re: I might be moving alexandra_k, posted by Angela2 on October 25, 2013, at 21:56:26

i'm not entirely sure about school yet.

i have two options: bio-medical science, or health science. the first is... well... there is bio-chemistry and bio-physics. the second is more social science-y. learning about the health system etc. the first has more contact hours and multiple guess exams. the second has less contact hours but more articles to read and essays to write.

the second will be easier for me in the sense that it is most similar to stuff that i've done that i know i'm relatively good at. but i have heard that some people do the first pathway with little science background and that they do well at it. so i don't know... which brings me to:

i also have a lot of self-doubt about decisions.

what i want most in the world... (well perhaps not most, but what i really would like)

would be a t who actually listened to me. over a period of time. so they got to the point of being able to see patterns. so basically... they took the time to understand BEFORE offering their 2c worth. i've had a lot of people offer me directives in my life. and often i thought that when their opinion differed from mine it was because they knew stuff i didn't or whatever. and the older i've gotten... the more i've come to realize... that most people offer their opinion without comprehending anything much at all about my situation, what it is that is important to me, and with considerably less information about things than me. in other words... listening to them is more likely to put me wrong than anything. hence my desire for a t who actually listened.

because generally... i think i'm pretty good about making decisions about me. but sometimes... well... i do have tinted glasses sometimes because of my history. borderline pathological. so it can help to have someone (who actually knows something about me) to perhaps nudge me a little when it seems i'm engaging in 'same old same old'. if that makes sense.

can you do liberal arts or something so you can start out doing all of that and then narrow down your choices a bit later?




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