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Very upset with PDOC - Need a little advice

Posted by U2MN on July 14, 2010, at 16:02:30

I've been on everything.. Every SSRI, SNRI, an antipsychotic here and there, MAOIs... Horrible side effects including problems with my kidneys, I had the same PDOC for 5 years... He was great and understanding. Oh.. diganosis: Panic disorder/generalized anxiety disorder and OCD. About two years ago we discussed (at length) what to try next. We took an unconventional approach and decided to go with the following cocktail:

Namenda 10 MGs twice daily and Diazepam 5 MGs three times daily. Worked like a charm. I've been nice and stable for two years now.

A few months ago, my PDOC decides to retire. Of course, there is a shortage and they tell me I likely can't stay with the clinic (it's a co'op situation... you have to have their insurance...) Anyway, long story short, they end up letting me stay and toss me off to a different PDOC. First meeting is fine... I don't really "like" him that much, but I just figure it's because I'm so used to my previous doc and liked him a lot. Appointment goes fine. No changes.

Come in for my 6 month check-up today... Everything is still fine. No changes. I'm good as can be. The PDOC advises me that next year he wants to taper me off the diazepam, and then proceeds to spout off the typical text book stuff about addiction (there is a difference between addiction and dependence... I realize I am dependent on the medication.) I have never abused my medications and have no history of substance abuse... ever. I was shocked. For the first time in several years I feel normal. My career is going well, I'm side-effect free, and I'm doing great. I've been on this regiment for slightly over two years. Needless to say... I'm really peeved.

I explained my position (the best I could... I was shocked.) So now what? I have another appointment with him in 6 months and I'm good for medication. I'm angry though. I don't want to change anything. Why fix what isn't broken? I understand that benzo addiction is a real problem for some people, but why do PDOCs ignore the clinical research? Tolerance rapidly develops to the sedative effects of the drug, but does NOT develop to the anxiolytic effects. I haven't had to increase my dose or anything. The benzophobia is distressing, because there are people (like me) who benefit and do well on them daily with no issues.

I don't know what to do. It's hard to get in with a new PDOC, but I feel like that is really my only option. Any suggestions? I'm afraid of making appointments and getting the same response from every PDOC I interview. What questions do I ask when I interview them? All they would have to do is bother to actually read my entire medical history, and then it would become clear why we chose this course of treatment in the first place...

Sorry about the rant...





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