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Re: OT: Can you become a MH professional if you've had a DX? zonked

Posted by Katzenjam52 on June 21, 2010, at 0:48:54

In reply to OT: Can you become a MH professional if you've had a DX?, posted by zonked on June 20, 2010, at 2:48:15

Absolutely you can become a mental health professional with a DX. In fact, it can actually be advantageous to know firsthand how the System functions, how patients might feel being diagnosed, or given, a mental health diagnosis.
I myself am a recovering Borderline, if a borderline can ever recover, first of all from the diagnosis, or the instance of being diagnosed, secondly, from a lifetime of feeling bad about self, and being extremely, Overly, emotional, and unable to stop oneself from acting out on impulses, and speaking impulsively, and recovering from that, a lifetime of feeling badly about oneself, let me tell you, that is a Work; a bloody work of art, a work of intricate entanglement with the wiring of one's brain and psyche, and a second lifetime of working on fine tuning of one's brain and emotions, of learning the trickery of having emotion and not allowing it to drown one's sense of self. Of find oneself.
Can you imagine experience and reality like this NOT being advantageous working in the mental health field? What a help to others who're also suffering and not understanding WHY they think they need to suffer .... to be able to explain this, and to help others turn their boat around ... well ... nothing more needs be said.
Except this.
Self-analysis was, at one time, the foundation of psychoanalytical training.
And I, even with my boderline Dx, am helpful to others with a borderline Dx.

to an exT
If I choose to be.
And all mental health professionals need to make the CHOICE to have the "patients" that they do. In years and years and years of bad practice by a very great many psychologists have resulted in indeterminate numbers of destinies foundering on the rocks of the soulcrushing, backbreaking grey sea.




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